GTI Asia Taipei Expo 2013 Arcade Bonanza

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It took a few extra days but here are more pictures of the arcade games found at last week’s GameTime International (GTI) Asia Taipei Expo 2013. For previous coverage of the GTI Asia Taipei event, click here. Keep in mind, while all of these games are certainly destined to stay out East, some will be available worldwide as well (not just through grey imports).

A bulk of the pictures come via David Hiu who has done a lot of work cataloging various trade shows in the past. You can view the album here but where it is loaded with a lot of casino games and other booths that aren’t particularly interesting to look at. So what you find below has been whittled down to the arcade content. A few pictures not from this album will be given the proper credit; there are also some videos from games at the event which were uploaded by Highway Entertainment.

Due to the amount of content, here are tabs to split the content up. Just click on the tab to view the categorized content; click on any images for a full view.


We already saw a few pictures from their booth, this shows the Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 4 setup that was there.



K.O. Drive – Here are better pictures of this game as seen at GTI. As mentioned in the last GTI post, what was surprising about this is that it’s using the first cabinets the game was seen in back in May 2012. Sega has presented it in an entirely different cabinet at various trade shows since IAAPA in Nov. 2012.


Maimai – We’ve mentioned this game numerous times, still not sure when/if Sega will officially release this in the West.



Bike Rally – This game was at IAAPA2012 but not at Amusement Expo 2013. I’m sure it’s still available for any Western arcade. Not often you come across a game that requires you to pedal (aside from Namco’s Prop Cycle). It’s next to something new, a Jumping Fun game that uses a balance board.


UNIS had several other products seen at recent tradeshows which we have covered before.


It was not part of the album where most of these pictures are found but IGS has a new game that they took to a Chinese trade show in April – there is a chance it was at GTI as well but for some reason wasn’t pictured. It’s called Cube Master Combo Experience, something of a touchscreen music game where you gather colored robots on the screen together. Here’s the English site for the game for anyone curious and also a video of the game from GAGA2013 in action; plus a shot of the cabinet at a location test in Taiwan.


Speed Driver 4 was mentioned in the last GTI post but they also have another racing game called Overtake, perhaps their take on something like Namco’s Dead Heat (more casual than Speed Driver). A question to anyone out there who puts together booths for trade shows – where do you get these metallic girders from? I can imagine doing some stuff on location using those around games. The backlit girders could be useful for more than aesthetics too (attaching webcams to them and such). Some of the designs used by companies like IGS and InJoy are easy on the eyes and would look better in a dark environment.


Speed Rider 2 – IGS’s newest entry into the motorcycle racing game as competition continues to heat up in this genre. Here’s the IGS website for the game.

Funny Table – Released last year, this game also has shown up in Japan. More details on the game here.


MuziBox and Percussion Master 3 – I’ve heard of MuziBox before but not sure how old PM3 is and whether or not this is the first time its been shown.


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InJoy Motion

Their new tank combat game, Allied Tank Attack. As already mentioned, this has a motion seat using their Air technology and also features a driver and a gunner seat (driver uses a yoke controller). Hopefully a video will be along soon so we know how this one plays.


In this photo you will notice something to the left, an interesting development for two of their mounted light-gun games, Top Gunner and Project X-Pher. InJoy has created some theater style cabinets for each game, it’s unknown at the moment if these include motion seats or not but it means an entry into the theater cabinet market for the company.


Launched last year, the Air Series motion cabinets had a complete showing at GTI. According to the company, these new cabinets have allowed InJoy to get their games into hundreds of locations around the world as they offer motion seats at a price point on par with non-motion titles.



These pictures were sent our way by Sealy, they had two new games at the show. A racing game by the name of Toy Speed and a videmption game called Naughty Household.



Toy Speed has an interesting element to it – at first I thought it would be just another Mario Kart wannabe but there is a ‘Hero Mode’ where while racing you battle against a large toy by shooting at it with weapons you pick up on the track. Nice to see a twist on something that usually takes the easy route of playing it safe.


I’m not sure why there are a lot of pictures of this company in the album but they do have a couple of new products they were showing off.  Olympic Shooter got a lot of attention in the album and it had two different cabinets. They also had another single pistol game called Rapid Fire Pistol.



Micro Sova

Flying Fortress is a “medal game”, sort of a videmption kind of game that is popular in various territories throughout Asia. This uses a formula typical of turret shooting games but looks a little sharper than some others seen in this category.

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This game might be Chinese made but I’m not sure who made it. It was somewhere at the GTI2013 show however. It shouldn’t be too hard to catch the similarities between this and games like Let’s Go Jungle or Deadstorm Pirates. It’s like those but in a helicopter and with AVATAR like environments – but also has spinning barrels to simulate the chainguns.

Single player pistol games are almost never found out West anymore so if they were your choice steak, the Chinese/Taiwanese market is the place to look. My guess is that it has more to do with having a player base that enjoys the “man vs. machine” challenge that has been greatly lost to Western markets.


This is one way to do a 4 player vert-shooter, although the second screen seems redundant in this case. A slightly larger screen in the middle would probably be just fine (especially if it had the mini-boost in screen space of a 16:10 monitor). A 4-player Raiden type shooter could be fun, if the power-up system is similar to Dariusburst (shared power-ups to avoid the problem of power-up hoarding)


I’m pretty sure with is a medal game but Rock Ball surely has to be exciting, if we are judging on names alone


This might be Harpoon Lagoon, a very popular videmption game that ICE recently brought over to North America, but it handles six players instead of four, not sure which manufacturer this is at:


Aside from this, I imagine there might be a few more videos in store, we’ll have to wait and see.

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