JAEPO 2014 Preview: What To Expect From Namco, Sega, Konami, and Taito

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UPDATE: First images up from the show can be seen here.

The Japan Amusement Expo 2014 (JAEPO 2014)will be getting underway tomorrow and with that, new arcade games to talk about. Unlike most Western trade shows, the Japanese market likes to promote a majority of the games they will have on hand in advance, which is helpful to any of us that won’t be there. Here’s a look at what we can expect to hear more about over this weekend.

Click on the tabs below to sort between the companies. This will only cover video content, none of their medal games or photobooths. Also these are the only companies to tout what they will have so far, I have not heard of anything else so I am sure we will see some items from smaller companies soon.

JAEPO 2014 Site: http://www.bandainamcogames.co.jp/am/event/jaepo2014/

Promoted Games:

AKB48 – Japanese Pop Idol Zombie Shooter Game


Gundam Extreme Vs. Maxi Boost – More Gundam action, sans the enormous, expensive and awesome pods.


Wangan Maximum Tune 5 – The latest in the popular technical racing series will be hitting the Japanese arcade scene in March


Super Alpine Racer – It’s not unheard of that a new game will be shown off in the US before Japan although it isn’t something that happens every day either. The Japanese version of Super Alpine Racer has already shown up for testing with a slight cabient redesign, speaking of which a new flyer is available showing the final cabinet redesign for the Western version of this game which will be released in April.


Mach Storm – Along the same lines as Super Alpine Racer, the pod cabinet jet combat game will be there.


Deadstorm Pirates Special Edition – This was expected to be showing up first at JAEPO when it surprisingly appeared at EAG2014 in London, UK just a few weeks ago. It adds more content to the game including two levels which may remain arcade exclusive.


Taiko No Tatsujin Master, White Version – Namco’s rhythm drumming game is already on the market but will be promoted at the show as well.

Anything Else?

Even though Namco typically unveils quite a few games in advance, they also have often held a few surprises in store, such as Big Bang Hockey (which ended up coming to the US and Europe as Pac-Man Smash). So we’ll keep an eye out for anything unexpected that pops up.

JAEPO 2014 Site: http://www.konami.jp/jaepo/

Promoted Games

Silent Scope Bone Eater – First known as Gundog, Konami decided to stop fooling around and give the game a Silent Scope name instead. Konami has now launched a website for the game, which provides a better look at it than before. It seems to me that out of all the Konami games that will be at the show, this would be the most successful if launched in the West. Here are some new screenshots for the game, one of which shows that it can network up to 4 units.






Steel Chronicle Ganesh / Victroopers – If you are familiar with the Earth Defense Force 20xx games that often show up on Sony consoles(blast giant bugs with a huge selection of weapons to choose from), then I would say that Konami’s Steel Chronicle is along those lines. There will be two new versions of the game at JAEPO, the standard Victroopers and Konami’s new foray into dome screen gaming with Ganesh. I am not sure if Ganesh is just Victroopers with the added hardware or if the software is slightly different too.

Gameplay-free trailer for Victroopers below.




BeatStream – Another new concept for Konami’s Bemani line, this looks to be going the same route as ReRave, at least from what I can tell so far.


Pop’n Music  ラピストリア – The latest entry in the long running Pop ‘n Music series, more gameplay free video below.

Jubeat Saucer – A new version of their touch music game that has been around for a few years.


Reflec beat Colette – New software for the Reflec Beat bemani game.


Sound Voltex Booth II Infinite Infection – This bemani entry was at the show last year as well.


Dance Evolution Arcade – Konami’s Kinect powered dance game has been on the market for a while but they will still give it another round of trade show promotion.

Anything Else?

Probably not, now that they have revealed that the new Silent Scope will be there. Konami likes to announce everything in advance from what I have observed. Of course if they unveiled that they were bringing DDR back to the States or the new Silent Scope, that would be big news but they have made no indications that this is in their interest at this time.

JAEPO 2014 Site: http://am-show.sega.jp/jaepo14/

Promoted Games:

Initial D Arcade Stage 8 Infinity – The 8th installment of the Initial D technical racing game series is one of the headliners for Sega at this show. I’ve not heard that they have any plans to give this official support outside of Eastern markets although I did hear that GRID will no longer be in production as of May 1st so that could always mean that a space is open for another racing title to fill that void.


Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate Arcade – This is a headliner for Sega’s ALL.NET + Multi network, and the first time DoA makes its arcade appearance in some while.

Guilty Gear Xrd Sign – Also a headlining game for ALL.NET+, the return of Guilty Gear has created a bit of buzz already.

Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax – This fighting game hasn’t generated a ton of buzz but


Puyo Quest Arcade – This puzzle game already is available at Japanese arcades and has been played over 1 million times.


maimai greeN – The newest version of Sega’s answer to quirky touchscreen music games.


Border Break Scrambled Ver. 4.0 – The mech battle arena extravaganza’s latest build will be at JAEPO. Video from Ver. 3.5

Shining Force Cross Ecclesia Ver. B – Likewise to Border Break, this will be the latest version of Sega’s arcade and Japan exclusive ARPG

Anything Else?

Sega often does have a surprise or two in store and they also have shown off games that are unveiled at JAEPO that end up on the international market (Virtua Tennis 4 Arcade as one example) so it could happen. I imagine Transformers Human Alliance will be there too as the game has started showing up in Japanese distribution.

JAEPO 2014 Site: http://www.taito.co.jp/special/jaepo/

Promoted Games:

Groove Coaster Arcade – so far the Taito booth almost appears to be a repeat of last year where GCA was also the main attraction. The game is available in Japan now so this will probably look to build any momentum that they already have.


Ultra Street Fighter IV – Capcom doesn’t do enough in the arcade space anymore to warrant a booth of their own but with Ultra Street Fighter IV going to get a digital arcade release through Taito’s NESiCAxLIVE network, the game will be found at the Taito booth.

Blazblue Chronophantasma – Also on the NESiCA network, Taito will be promoting other games available there, including the newer Blazblue title.

Project ZAs teased yesterday, Taito will likely have the new zombie game there, presumably it will be a shooter.

Anything Else?

Since unveiling NESiCAxLIVE, Taito usually promotes several new games that are being made available through that but so far aside from USFIV and BBC mentioned above, this year Taito is quiet about that. Perhaps they will unveil more at the show or the network has enough content for the time being and USFIV is a big enough name that they will leave the focus there. Although I would be surprised if they don’t have something related to

Be sure to check the other tabs and stay tuned to Arcade Heroes for more info as we get it!


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    Wangan Midnight has the best music in the world!!! I wish more people knew that!

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    That Alpine Racer game looks cool. Love how they got those LCDs positioned.

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