New Rhythm Arcade Game NEON FM Launching At Amusement Expo 2014

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New Rhythm Arcade Game NEON FM Launching At Amusement Expo 2014

A little while ago we heard news of a rhythm game that had been stuck in “development hell” so to speak – a title which would have been released back in 2005 had various situations turned out differently. News had it that NEON FM had overcome those challenges and that it was on its way for an arcade release soon. Today, “soon” was given a release date as the company behind the game, Unit-E, announced on Facebook that they will begin selling NEON FM units at the Amusement Expo 2014 event in Las Vegas, which begins on March 26th. Unit-E can be found at Booth #1108, as shown on the graphic they put together:


Since I heard about this project in October of last year, they have been holding some public location tests at a couple of venues in Maryland; they also got a solid reception by taking the test cabinet to Magfest in January. The testing has allowed them to refine the game further such as the screen flipping option, how Perfect notes are handled, adding another difficulty setting for songs and more. The game will launch with about 50 songs on the roster, with online updates offering new song updates on a constant basis. They have plans to go beyond just online song updates however, including “unlimited local and online multiplayer between not only arcades but also the mobile game.” With the mobile version they plan on implementing cross platform play at some point so that people can actively compete in the same space between an online and mobile version of the game. Such a feature would be the first I know of to offer cross-platform play between arcades and mobile devices.

The MSRP of NEON FM will be $6995 although buyers at the Amusement Expo will be able to enjoy a substantial discount on both single and bulk purchases of the units. I also will be sure to drop by the booth and check it out for myself. In the meantime, here is a video of the game as seen at MAGFEST, with the top 10 songs played at that event:

[Unit-E Website]

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