UNIS Unveils Armed Resistance & Bio Outbreak For Arcades

arcadehero July 24, 2014 1

Sorry about the hiccups on the site today, I am still working on it trying to figure out what is wrong. It isn’t a plug-in gone haywire and not a server issue apparently so still trying to pin the issue down. Got it figured out thanks to hosting support.

Anyways, an interesting trailer popped up on Youtube today from arcade manufacturer UNIS (also known as Universal Space). You probably noticed that they began advertising on the site again recently (full disclosure and all of that), they are currently working on producing a large factory in China due to open next year and they have facilities in Canada and the US for getting product to distributors. I heard that at a recent Chinese tradeshow they demonstrated a “new tank game” but there were zero pictures or video to accompany it as apparently the game is not intended only for Chinese audiences, from what I was told. For this trailer below, I am not sure if that is the same game or not as there are elements of a tank game here but plenty that isn’t even close. Here is Armed Resistance:

It has been a while since we have seen such a game come along for Western arcades, a 3rd person action shooting game. Here are some details according to the description on the video page:

6 Machines to choose from — a sports car, tank, trucks, robot reptile, helicopter and fighter plane
3 stages: Harbor, Desert Storm and Ruins
Single Battle mode: Destroy the enemy, destroy their enemy base, win points
Linked Battle mode: Team up and destroy enemy bases
Obtain battle achievements throughout game

They have already uploaded pictures of the production cabinets to their English website which should confirm for us the intent on the game releasing in North America:



Control uses a joystick/throttle combo. It also has a “Smart Card” reader there so players can save their progress :


I reached out to UNIS to find out more about this and I found out that the game is currently testing in undisclosed locations. They did not say if that was China, Taiwan, US, etc.  As with any game on test, there is always a chance a game doesn’t perform as well as intended and it gets canned but here’s hoping that is not the case. From this brief look, the arcade game I could compare this to best would be Sega’s Border Break, which has a focus on arena 3rd person combat and team play. That game in particular I have been hoping would at least get some decent testing in the US but if it ever has, I did not hear about it. The robot transforming aspect looks to be the more interesting feature of the game which for an arcades I think on paper would be fun (the concept exists in the Multiplayer aspects of various home console games for Transformers but I think the concept could stand out more with the narrower arcade style focus). I will share when more info becomes available, I think it awesome that we have something like it being tried at least.

UNIS has a second video arcade game ready to go as well that they are calling Bio Outbreak.  This one is more traditional compared to Armed Resistance, in the sense that it is a co-op light-gun shooter. As a theater sit-down cabinet, they also have included effects such as air blowers but they have added a new “Foot Panel” control. According to the description, it sounds like there are parts of the game where the player stomps on this to move their character around the scene in some form. I imagine it is for certain situations, if properly implemented in the game it adds an extra element to the game to make it memorable. The theme of the shooter goes for the modern mutant/zombie shooting game. There is no video of it yet so here are a few pics:





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  1. jon July 25, 2014 at 2:22 am - Reply

    wow unis are you taking ideas from namcos gunmen wars :L Armed Resistance was so it 🙂 transformers meets gunmen wars/ gundam wicked 😀 will be in pods too and linked ?
    still looked like alpha the way the ai just dissolved into one animated explosion :L should have vehicular debris ripping apart from one another :L

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