New Trailer for NGDEVTEAM’s Razion for NeoGeo MVS

arcadehero September 3, 2014 0
New Trailer for NGDEVTEAM’s Razion for NeoGeo MVS

As we found out earlier this year, a new scrolling shooter by the NeoGeo-centric developer NGDEVTEAM is on its way for arcade MVS hardware. Called Razion, this is a horizontal based shooter with 3 difference difficulty levels (including a mode for newcomers) that runs at 60fps and 224 lines of resolution.  The developer has just released a new trailer showing the game as it approaches a new release date of December 2014 (originally it was slated for this Fall). This shows more enemies, portions of the levels, bosses and the differences between Novice and Maniac mode.

As always, I have to wonder that if the MVS can be pushed this far, where could other cart based arcade boards go with a good team and a budget behind them (Hyper NeoGeo 64, NAOMI/Atomiswave, Examu’s Ex-Board, IGS’s PGM2, etc.). The MVS certainly has the widest reach although NAOMI isn’t too hard to find either.

Your thoughts on this new game and developments for old arcade hardware?

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