UNIS Announces Drummer Kids For Arcades; Pirates Hook Sells 2000+ Units

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UNIS Announces Drummer Kids For Arcades; Pirates Hook Sells 2000+ Units

We don’t often see video arcade games with a focus towards kids, although they do come along every now and then. Universal Space has announced that they are bringing an IGS arcade game to the West which is made with kids in mind called Drummer Kids. Here is the bright colored cabinet:




According to the release that UNIS sent out, it features:

• 1 or 2 player game
• Bonus game for 2 players
• Entry and advanced level
• Advanced level player can select songs played
• Two different drums
• Multi-coloured charming LED cabinet
• 2 main speakers and a woofer
• 32″ LCD screen

This is not the first time IGS has created a drumming game, back in 2004 they launched Percussion Master, which has received a couple of sequels. The drum design looks similar to PM so you could think of this as an off-shoot to the PM series. At the time of this writing, Drummer Kids is not listed on the Universal Space website but I imagine it will be added shortly as the release I received showed it as “New Release”.

Pirates Hook Passes 2000 Units Sold

Since we are already talking about UNIS, this is worth a mention. Every time we get sales numbers it generally is mentioned on AH since we rarely get sales numbers for anything in the arcade sector. 2000 units selling is pretty good these days and such is the case for UNIS’ videmption game called Pirates Hook (4p version pictured). Full press release found below the cabinet picture:


PRESS RELEASE – For immediate release


Pirate’s Hook Proving a Great Catch!

UNIS (Universal Space Video Game) announces that Pirate’s Hook, their captivating fishing video redemption game, has now over 2,000 units shipped globally.

The family of Pirate’s Hook includes the original 2 Player version, the 4 Player family unit launched at IAAPA last year, along with a single player version which has been popular in Asia and China.

Steven Tan, International Sales Manager mentioned how popular Pirate’s Hook has been across the globe. “Operators are reporting success and good earnings with the  game, from the USA to Latin America, Asia and Europe. The value, quality and excellent gameplay has really got players and operators hooked and sales continue to be robust!”

Looking to the future UNIS are hoping for similar success with a brand new game, Safari Ranger, due to be launched at IAAPA, using the same mix of mechanical technology and video redemption.

Find out more at www.universal-space.com email Steven Tan sales@universal-space.com or call Debbie Gonzalez, US Sales Manager on Tel: +1-714-377-0508


1st October 2014

For further information contact International Sales Manager of UNIS, Steven Tan on sales@universal-space.com
Tel: +1-905-477-2823

Tel: +1-905-477-2823For further press information contact Maria Vincent maria@universal-space.com
Tel: +44 1507 328149


  1. 60Hz October 2, 2014 at 11:47 am - Reply

    awesome stuff. what’s with the lack of sales figures though? Why so secretive? Or is there another reason?

    • arcadehero October 2, 2014 at 12:21 pm - Reply

      Most of the time, I think it is because sales are not that stellar so they don’t want to highlight low sales. But some companies will never report, no matter what the sales are. I’m sure the reasons for that tend to be to not let the competition know how strong/weak an idea is

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