Exclusive: Safari Ranger Videmption Game by UNIS Coming To IAAPA2014

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Thanks to Universal Space, we have a first look at their next premier video redemption game which will be at IAAPA 2014. Called Safari Ranger, this is a follow-up to UNIS’s popular Pirate’s Hook videmption game, where the cabinet looks similar and the play is tailored towards kids and winning tickets.

Let’s start off with the cabinet, which will be available in two flavors, a double sided 4 player and a single sided 2 player version:





And here are a couple of videos showing these cabinets in action:

The control is a unique combination of a joystick and a large spinner device. With a single button the player has to throw their lasso onto the animals on the screen and they “reel” them in using the joystick/spinner. The control panel uses multi-colored LEDs and has some attractive artwork, all of which should make it easy to spot in any redemption venue. It’s also interesting to note that as far as I know, this is not something brought over from the mobile/phone gaming universe which is a popular trend right now. You don’t always need a license to make things work, as long as you have the right concept in hand.



The wheel provides some feedback/tension and there is an element of skill involved between timing as well as double tapping the button to recall your lasso.



From the descriptions, it sounds similar to the concept behind some other videmption games like Pirate’s Hook or Harpoon Lagoon but you aren’t hooking/spearing fish, just lassoing the animals to rescue them. Simple enough and appealing to kids.
Redemption games always have some sort of jackpot feature and in Safari Ranger that lands onto the “Big Five” animals which the player can catch for big bonuses. With some hidden animals in there it has the elements needed for a popular game in this class.
Safari Ranger will be at IAAPA 2014 in a few weeks along with several other new games from UNIS. We will have a hands-on report from the UNIS booth there at the time!
Press Release:

Safari Ranger

Help the Rangers rescue the animals from the Poachers in this thrilling Safari Adventure

Based on the principal of the mechanised reel used in Pirate’s Hook, Safari Ranger’s depth, graphics and gameplay is showing incredible promise of becoming one of the best redemption game machines ever.

This exciting and colorful video redemption game has both a 4-player and 2 player cabinets both with a 42” LCD monitor and will appeal to all ages of player.

The tried and tested mechanised reel with multiple levels of tension (that worked so well with Pirate’s Hook) is now a wheel that controls the lasso. In the game you lasso the animals in to save them from the grips of poachers – it feels so realistic!

The graphics are stunning – There are:

  • A total 23 animals, 4 characters randomly change.
  • The bigger the animal you save, the higher the score.
  • Two major landscape changes, we have used a sunny day and a rainy day.
  • Small Mercy animals can be given should you not be successful in reeling an animal in.
  • Rescue the endangered White Lion to win the Safari Bonus!

This game requires accuracy and timing and appeals to players of all ages and levels of skill.
Find out more at www.universal-space.com email Steven Tan sales@universal-space.com or call Debbie Gonzalez, US Sales Manager on Tel: +1-714-377-0508



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