Simulator Previews: Cruden’s Powerboat 5CTR & Yotto’s ExoSkelet

arcadehero November 13, 2014 0
Simulator Previews: Cruden’s Powerboat 5CTR & Yotto’s ExoSkelet

IAAPA 2014 is always a big time for professional simulators to make an appearance and we have covered venues before that have picked up things like them which is why they are included in our coverage. When I went to IAAPA 2012 there was quite an uptick in the number of companies who were displaying new simulators but the main problem was that all of them were about racing and nothing else. There were some hardware differences but its not like the automobile is the only vehicle on the planet worth simulating.

At this IAAPA, we are starting to get some variety and here are a couple of video previews to demonstrate that. First is the Netherland’s based company Cruden, showing their new Powerboat 5CTR which is finally ready for primetime. An early demo of this was shown at IAAPA2013 but this year year visitors will be able to experience the full thing. Here is a story we ran about it last year from when it was supposed to have launched.

Next up is a Russian company by the name of Yotto. The Arcade Heroes search says we haven’t ran anything on them before but I have heard the name from somewhere. They will have their new ExoSkelet motion unit at the show, which is capable of offering 360 motion – much like the old Sega R360, just without the gyroscopic cabinet (and in-house Sega made software).

I will certainly stumble across some other simulators next week but so far I have not heard much else about these types of games which will be there – excluding the new Valkyrie/Project HADES which I will feature in another post here shortly.

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