Chinese Companies Show Off Their Latest Arcades at CIAE2015

arcadehero April 8, 2015 0

Right after the Amusement Expo happened at the end of March in Vegas, over in China another trade show was firing up to show off products for that corner of the world. I’ve covered Chinese trade shows as best as I can given the information that trickles out from them – they can be fascinating since the amount of risk they are willing to take on, combined with different cultural tastes in what they want/expect out of games, is very different from here and different even from Japan. I wasn’t able to find out a lot about this event so far, so the following is what I have managed to scrape together:

Storm Racer G Deluxe Motion – For sometime now I’ve been hearing about a motion version of Wahlap’s Storm Racer G, developed in conjunction with InJoy Motion. It combines that game with InJoy’s air spring motion technology. Thanks to CIAE2015, here is a narrow cellphone look at the game in action:


This video by Hot Games has a montage of what was at the CIAE show, the only extensive media I have been able to locate from the event so far. Here’s the video then my thoughts afterwards. It is heavy on the kiddie ride stuff:

1:00 – shows something that is similar to Sega’s “EH Snubber” game where kids can play with a play-doh/sand-like material although what is seen here isn’t as neat as Sega’s idea, which also uses active projection mapping.

1:05 – A gun game called Ultra Firepower that uses an Aliens Extermination type cabinet with new translucent & backlit gun shells. From the very brief look here, it looks like a sci-fi/horror themed game.

1:39 – a videmption game called Temple Treasure followed by another piece called Scratch.

2:09 – I’m not sure why some of these motion simulators have to put you at an angle like that when the game is showing a flat road with 0% incline.

2:20 – A weird motion simulator with a VR headset that looks like it fell out of an 80’s sci-fi show.

2:40 – This is the Danzbase arcade game by Wahlap. While Wahlap is officially in the US now, I have not heard of them testing this out over here.

2:52 – The cabinet is Fruit Ninja Kinect (which I doubt is licensed, as we have seen happen before) shows a driving game. I really don’t think there is a point to using Kinect for driving games, especially in an arcade setting.

4:38 – Some sort of hunting game for kids

4:51 – Namco’s fishing videmption game that was released in Japan a while back. It uses realistic fishing reels, which we haven’t seen in a very long time.

5:06 – IGS/Wahlap’s new Dolphin Star game. It is another new angle on the kiddie ride/video game. Wahlap will be trying this out in the US so we will have to wait and see how it goes. Here is a promo video for that particular game:

5:28 – another kid video game where this one puts the player inside a little boat with water.

5:54 – This is a six seat motion simulator with 3 screens by Huataibaishun LTD. Two of the players get control over the action, one is a driver with a yoke controller, the other is a gunner in some sort of boat racing game. It’s hard to tell from the video but I was able to find this game listed on their website, which tells us nothing other than giving us this pic below:


6:02 – Hunting game I’ve also mentioned on AH before by Huataibaishun LTD., here’s the graphic:


6:17 – “Horse riding simulator” with a huge horse. Kind of funny to see the simulation taking the horse to the highway.

6:49 – Someone’s new attempt at making an Alpine Racer skiing game. It looks like they are calling it Alpine Ski Racing but I can’t find out how it is that is trying to make this. I’ve looked around at the Chinese manufacturers websites that I am familiar with but haven’t figured out who it is that is making this game.


That’s it for now, if I manage to make any other discoveries on this event, I’ll mention it on the AH social media pages.

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