T.G.I. Friday’s In Niagara Falls, NY Adds An Arcade

arcadehero April 16, 2015 0

As a part of the T.G.I. Friday’s restaurant in Niagara Falls, NY, a new arcade recently opened their doors that simply calls themselves – Arcade. One does not need to attend the restaurant to play but when looked at separately, it does appear a little odd since they don’t call TGI’s Arcade or something. At least you happen to find yourself near the TGI Fridays when visiting Niagara Falls, at least you know there is an arcade to be found there. Thanks to Sara Zielinski who took these pictures for us to share.

UPDATE: Since we originally ran this article, the location has upgraded their entrance to this very nice looking sign and front:


For starters, the entrance:



Right as you enter, there is a new Pac-Man’s Arcade Party machine to be found (those have 12 Namco arcade classics on them). While it does not appear to be a massive arcade, they do have card readers instead of coins.



The game selection is pretty new, here is Mario Kart Arcade GP DX, Transformers: Human Alliance, Batman and a pair of Super Bikes 2 machines:



But that pretty much covers the video-only selection.  Everything is automated including the prize redemption. The rest of the games to be found are all redemption-based including Big Bass Wheel, Flying Tickets (videmption), Monopoly (videmption), Treasure Quest, Dizzy Chicken, Whack N’ Win, Ice Age (videmption), Harpoon Lagoon (videmption), ICE Ball FX and some others.







The arcade doesn’t have any specific website or social media presence but you can visit the Facebook page to the T.G.I restaurant here.


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