Videos: Arcade Flyers Pt. 2; MGC 2015 and Imply’s EM Arcade Games

arcadehero April 16, 2015 0
Videos: Arcade Flyers Pt. 2; MGC 2015 and Imply’s EM Arcade Games

Here are some arcade videos to share this morning

Arcade Flyers Part 2 – Part 1 wasn’t watched as much as some of my other videos lately but that’s ok. This might be filler to some degree although I would rather not go months without posting videos like I have done in the past. Recording footage of new games isn’t the easiest task so often it can end up being videos around trade show time (March/April and November/December). Here is a look at the flyers I grabbed from Amusement Expo 2015:

Midwest Gaming Classic 2015 – For those of us that couldn’t attend Midwest Gaming Classic, here are a couple of videos to show off what was there:

Imply Technology – The other day this Brazilian manufacturer posted several videos to showcase some of their lesser known arcade games. Since they posted everything in a group, let’s take a look at what they have to offer. Their primary focus is on bowling but they have a line of coin-op Electro-mechanical games, which should become more widely available in the US soon as the company is opening up a facility in Florida to handle stock (as opposed to handling all of that shipping from Brazil direct).

i-Run – Interesting exergame for people to compete on and very simple. Once the game starts, see if you can outrun your opponent within the time limit by using the footpads. The board in front of the players shows how ‘far’ they have run.

Flintstones Yabba Dabba Doo Bowling – While Imply has full sized bowling lanes, they have other models which fit into different size categories. For a miniaturized bowling experience that is about the size of a skeeball machine, they also went the licensing route with the old beloved cartoon The Flintstones. The balls appear to be about the same size as a skeeball and the pins are held in place with strings. They also have a non-Flintstones model called i-Bowl Circus.

i-Fight – This video is not a part of the recent batch but it appears to be the only game not included from their line-up I’m getting into here so let’s include it anyways. It is a variation of boxing machines found out there, where the user can both kick and punch their way to a high score:

i-Attack Jungle – Interesting concept for a carnival style game. The balls come out from the top and you have to try and ‘bomb’ the flashing targets below.

i-Hockey/Fire/Pub – head-to-head flipper and ball game. There are 3 variations on the game as shown here but they only differ in name and art/color appearance. Almost like a 2 player pinball machine, minus playfield targets to go after.

i-Flip – Along those same lines, the i-Flip is another head-to-head game but uses a concept similar to the MEdalist Fireball game where the opposing players have a single rotating flipper to defend their goal and to kick balls at the other player. Main difference here is that multiple balls can be found on the playfield at once:

i-Target – Old West-style target shooting game. It is a basic version of those elaborate animatronic shooting galley games (that tend to sell for high prices. Single gun setups I’ve seen go for around $8000-$10000; get into 8 or 12 guns and you could be looking at $60k-$100k). Also pretty simple – when the target lights up, blast it. Nice looking gun prop, albiet not something you would have seen in the Old West 😉

i-Jump Street – Having lived in Brazil for a while, I only recall seeing a basketball hoop setup in the street once and facilities with hoops maybe two or three times.  With soccer being the main sport everyone cares about, it doesn’t leave a lot of room for stuff like b-ball (but volleyball is popular). But for miniaturizing the full sport experience, basketball works out easier than most. The Imply i-Jump features a moving hoop that goes up and down as opposed to the more typical side-to-side. They also have a kids version available.

Most of these games have been available for a few years already but due to the lack of US stock they are hard to find here. I guess we will see how that changes soon.

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