Newsbytes: From Kung Fury To Color Metallica and Skycurser

arcadehero May 2, 2015 3

Happy May everyone. Here’s hoping it will bring us some more awesome arcade news – for April the most popular post was definitely the news on the Kung Fu Master 2 discovery. For what I have been able to gather today:

Kung Fury Cabinet – Speaking of Kung Fu Master is this concept Kung Fury cabinet by French custom arcade cabinet maker Neo Legend. If there is one movie that could define “radical”, it might just be the upcoming film Kung Fury. I poked around their website where I found no mention of this in their store nor a price but if they do produce them, it does look like the perfect kind of cabinet to house a 2p beat ’em up game. Although given the greatness of that trailer (and assuming the movie lives up to everyone’s hopes and dreams), this would be pretty awesome to have with an actual Kung Fury game. C’Mon Sega know you want to make a Streets of Rage style Kung Fury arcade game 😀 [Via Neo Legend Twitter]



In case you don’t see the potential of a beat em up here, then check out this new  David Hasselhoff music video promoting the film, which includes some arcade badness. After watching this, I don’t know how Kung Fury cannot be made into an arcade game. This must happen :

Arcade Cabinets Album – On the Arcade Heroes Facebook and Google+ pages (yes, we have one of those so if you are one of the tens of people that use G+ then follow us! :P) I posted over 50 images of various arcade cabinets that I have collecting virtual dust on my HDD. These have all been shared on AH over the years and I will be finding a few more to share but in case you are interested in browsing through some arcade cabinets check them out: Facebook Album / Google+ Album 


Here is the one fake cab from the list, from our popular April Fools 2012 joke. The rest of the cabs in the album are real ‘)

Metallica Pinball Gets ColorfulColorDMD has announced the availability of Metallica to their roster of colorized pinball games(although the page is currently showing that they sold out). For newer Stern titles this follows AC/DC so I wonder if they will be tackling The Rolling Stones pinball next to complete the trifecta of rock band tables. I’m still waiting for the new Star Trek to get the color treatment then I will be jumping on board the ColorDMD train. Given the video below, I really don’t udnerstand why Stern isn’t contracting these guys to handle their new games, I think they look much better with the color.

Big Buck Qualifiers – Just a note that Play Mechanix has started the Big Buck Qualifiers rather early this year. They began yesterday and run through September 24th. This gives anyone interested in vying for a spot in the World Championship (which last time gave away over $64,000 worth of cash prizes, $15k to the top dog) ample time to land in on the action.


Skycurser Cab – It looks like the new indie effort by Griffin Aerotech that we discussed on AH a little while ago is picking up steam to reach production cabinets. At the moment they are only doing some custom builds for special orders but I imagine that full production could be popping up soon, which also should mean that the kits will be in order. In case you want to follow the development of Skycurser, they have been consistently posting development diary videos to their Youtube channel so if you are interested in that perspective, check it out.


Name That Game #42 – Ok we are finally good to move on with Name That Game 😛 Your answers for #41 which drug on for a few weeks:

#1 – Black Widow By Atari

#2 – Goalie Ghost by Midway

#3 – Brute Force by Leland

And for this week:





  1. Steffen May 3, 2015 at 9:06 am - Reply

    1. Contra by Konami
    2. That arcade version of Pitfall

  2. gblock May 6, 2015 at 3:14 am - Reply

    not sure what #3 is, but it’s another beat-em-up on my MAME radar now 🙂

    and I agree with you about the Color DMD guys…Stern really ought to have that as an option (make it part of the premium machine, or something)

  3. MAMEdude May 9, 2015 at 2:20 am - Reply

    #1. Contra (Konami)

    #2 Pitfall II (Sega)

    #3 Monster Maulers (Konami)

    You’re welcome!

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