New Game Updates: DDR 2015; Golden Tee 2016; Angry Birds Arcade

arcadehero August 5, 2015 0
New Game Updates: DDR 2015; Golden Tee 2016; Angry Birds Arcade

We’ve got a few updates to look over at the moment so instead of piecing everything out, let’s see what each has to offer.

DDR 2014/2015 – The latest test of a Japanese arcade game on American shores just began yesterday with Konami’s DDR 2015 beginning a test that will last until August 17th. This is at the Round1USA Puente Hills location and Round1USA calls it DDR2015 although says it is just DDR2014, which previously only received a release in Japanese distribution territories. Either way, it’s the newest DDR to make an appearance in the US in some official capacity since SuperNova 2. The question will remain about this – who will handle manufacturing and distribution if this is a successful test? The game also uses Konami’s e-Amusement online features for additional songs and player accounts.

Golden Tee 2016 – The latest version of Incredible Technologies’ popular virtual golf game, Golden Tee 2016 LIVE is going to be launching in September and following up to that the company is releasing teasers of the newest courses. Next to Pac-Man this is one of the best selling arcade games into homes but the home versions will not be made available until later in the year. Among extra courses, they are also changing the menus and the control panel is getting a complete redesign.  They also will be bringing back a world championship, holding the Golden Tee 2016 World Championship in Las Vegas next March.

Angry Birds Arcade – As a videmption game, this has gained a lot of attention as expected and now we have video of it in action from the Dave & Busters TV commercial to promote it. A few other games are seen briefly (including a quick marquee shot of Time Crisis 5) as is the Angry Birds action but I do imagine that this is already a strong earning game for D&B locations. As a reminder, this game is a D&B exclusive through August; it will be available in general arcade distribution after Labor Day.

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