Star Wars Battle Pod Flat Screen Edition Trailer

arcadehero October 8, 2015 1
Star Wars Battle Pod Flat Screen Edition Trailer

I recently mentioned that the standard or “Flat Screen Edition” of Bandai Namco/Lucasfilm’s Star Wars Battle Pod is available worldwide, allowing venues that do not have the capital necessary for the Deluxe Pod version to get their hands on the game. Bandai Namco Japan has released this trailer for the game, which shows how the standard version links together for team play with an “Ally Score” displayed on both screens during co-op play:

I am still hoping that by the end of the year a new software version will be launched for the Deluxe pod which makes use of the camera. I imagine that allowing players to use an avatar like in Tank! Tank! Tank! (with a Rebel X-Wing fighter helmet overlay or an Imperial officer overlay of sorts) would add a nice element to the play…not to mention making use of that camera (as a note, the standard version lacks a camera and the wind effects).

UPDATE: The game is also currently setup at the New York Comic Con. The smaller size definitely helps set the game up for events like this:

Photo Credit: Jean-Claude Padilla

Photo Credit: Jean-Claude Padilla

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  1. voltz October 11, 2015 at 4:11 am - Reply

    I’m waiting for the VR edition announcement.

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