Dragon’s Lair Gets A Kickstarter To Pitch A Non-Interactive Movie

arcadehero October 27, 2015 1
Dragon’s Lair Gets A Kickstarter To Pitch A Non-Interactive Movie

I saw this spreading around all over the place yesterday so I’m not exactly hot on the press with it but no worries. This stuff always takes a back seat to new arcade games or new arcade locations 😛

So yes, there is a Kickstarter to turn the arcade classic Dragon’s Lair into a bona-fide, non-interactive movie. It should be noted that the Kickstarter isn’t to develop the movie itself but to develop the pitch which is needed to potentially turn it into a bigger budget movie. Here is a long video with Don Bluth and Gary Goldman talking about various projects, including their ideas for the official DL movie:

Granted, it is a little surprising that this has taken such a long time to come to fruition, especially where the Dragon’s Lair game has been ported to everything that can handle interactive video, including Blu-Ray players and phones. For the record, my first experience with the game was actually on the Atari Jaguar CD console; in the arcade I’ve only come across and played Dragon’s Lair II since most original DL cabinets find themselves in private collections as opposed to on location.

What’s your thoughts about Dragon’s Lair possibly coming to the silver screen?

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