IAAPA 2015: MotoGP, Mario & Sonic Olympics Arcade; World’s Largest Pac-Man; Galaga Assault

arcadehero November 19, 2015 2

With the IAAPA 2015 trade show in full swing this week, we’ve got plenty of news to chew over that will probably last us for the next few weeks. As always, I work on videos so you can see what there is coming along for the arcade industry of the Western world. Here is the first batch of content to share with you. The first few videos I did not have a mic that was working on an acceptable level so I did the subtitles but the feedback wasn’t positive on that so I will be re-uploading those with vocal commentary once I can get to them (probably next week).


Overall it was a great show. I wasn’t able to stay for as long as I usually do but I was able to get some play in on everything major with a video screen. As expected, VR and interactive motion rides were bigger than ever but on the software end of all of those, they still need a lot of work to be what I would call ready for primetime (the worst were enemies that don’t react to getting shot 500 times, they just keep on truckin’ with their canned animations, so the coders are missing the value of instant action=instant reward that light-gun games typically provide).


Kevin Williams and I trying out Triotech’s Road Fighters (upper left). [trashtalk] As usual, I came away with the #1 score. [/trashtalk]

There were many interesting games to see, many great booths and of course, great people behind the products. Expect more updates over the next few days. I have some photos to share but will start off with a gif of one cool game and videos for the rest:


This is a really cool video game at the Sheng Hua Technology booth (Chinese manufacturer) that they either called Piano Passion or Dream of Piano. With a real wood finish and the piano shaped cabinet, it draws a lot of attention. Granted, that real wood depending on what it is could be an issue for imports into certain countries or working in certain venues depending on the local climate. But for a music game it was pretty cool. More on this to follow.

Now for the videos – if the text is going too fast, my apologies.

Random Lego Ninja guy (setup at the Triotech booth to promote their new Lego Dark ride which uses some advanced gesture technology)

Random Lego Ninja guy (setup at the Triotech booth to promote their new Lego Dark ride which uses some advanced gesture technology)


Getting another #1 score on a multiplayer motion theater (Galactic Force 6D by UNIS)…76381 points!

That’s it for now, to do voiceovers on all videos that will take a bit of time but I’ll work on it and get the news to you! What are your thoughts on IAAPA so far?


  1. Arcades4ever November 19, 2015 at 12:27 pm - Reply

    Pretty interesting and exciting so far especially mario and sonic at the olympics as I thought this had been canned since we heard nothing since the Japan location testing so it’s good to know it was successful. I’m glad that luigies Manson is heading out west as this was too good to miss out on and as for rawthrills motor GP I’m quite impress with searching for other players online as they seem to be going down the route that namco and sega have done with some of their arcade titles that have been missed out in the west. Hopefully with this online development it might encourage sega and namco to use online features that either get missed out in the west or the game has to be connect to a server or else the game won’t work meaning the game won’t come out in the west.
    It’s all good so far but I’m eager to see the other stuff especially if wmmt 5 is there and any other surprises maybe

    • arcadehero November 19, 2015 at 1:15 pm - Reply

      WMMT5 isn’t there however it will likely be at Amusement Expo 🙂

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