Konami Launches Dance Dance Revolution A In Japan

arcadehero March 30, 2016 1

The latest version of Konami’s legendary arcade series Dance Dance Revolution has launched in Japan, known as Dance Dance Revolution A. The new version offers more songs and some other aesthetic changes to the most recent DDR 2015 release. This image from the official website compiles the additions into a nice compact visual:


For those new to the game, this page distills How To Play, the translator working out fine so it is understandable. A dedicated DDR fan by the name of Dr. D has posted a number of videos to Youtube of the new songs, here are a couple so you can see the new menus along with how it plays in real life:

As best I can tell (please correct me if I am wrong), this appears to have rolled out more as an upgrade kit to DDR 2015 than a full blown dedicated cabinet release.

UPDATE: Thanks to Bemanistyle for clarifying:

I am sure that both options are available in Japanese distribution but what I am seeing at the moment appears to be upgraded cabs. Whether this update will get any attention out West depends on interest – Dave & Busters and Round1USA both tested out DDR 2014 last year and D&B plans on rolling out some version of DDR to locations this Summer. What are you hoping to see from Dance Dance Revolution in 2016?

Also worth noting: Konami has also launched the newest version of their other bemani title Jubeat/uBeat called Jubeat Quelle. This is not just a software update like DDRA, getting a new marquee as the tweet above mentions.


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