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We’ll be skipping the Name That Game for this week as time has been short but here is some cool news to chew over for the rest of the weekend: & Galloping Ghost Arcade Team Up For a Special Sega Event – If you are anywhere near Brookfield, IL and you are a Sega fan then the week of April 25th should be on your schedule as popular Sega fan site and the Galloping Ghost Arcade are teaming up to provide Sega Week. It is a whole week of Sega gaming goodness, with a strong focus on the arcade of course. There will be a 10 game tournament,  new Sega arcade games introduced to the GGA game floor, record holders for Sega games, prizes, showcases of Sega titles and more to enjoy.


Jersey Jack’s Wizard of Oz Pinball Showcased On The Science Channel: Pinball machines are always great examples to showcase engineering ideas and for Jersey Jack Pinball, they got to hit the jackpot of examples in a recent episode of the TV show Machines: How they Work. Here is a 2 min clip of that appearance; we’ll keep an eye out for a link to the full thing when that is made available. The most fascinating part here below is the exploded view of the machine as they discuss how certain parts of the machine work, such as the solenoids and shaker motor.:

The Big Lebowski Pinball Begins Shipping It’s been a long road for Dutch Pinball to produce their Big Lebowski pinball game but patience on the part of fans is being rewarded as the first games are making their way out of the factory. It will be interesting to see how many locations pick this one up over collectors but plays on the game in the Netherlands is reportedly quite good.

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Recbar Opens: Less than a month ago we reported that a new bar/arcade was coming to Louisville, KY by the name of Recbar. Classic arcade podcast Brokentoken got a chance to go and check the venue out, posting a dozen pictures of the open house to their Facebook page, plus 10 more at this link.

recbaropen1 recbarpinball

Rocky Mountain Pinball Show & Game Room Expo Coming In June: If you plan on being in Denver from June 10-12 then be sure to check out the pinball & arcade event that will be taking place at the Denver Marriott South. The organizers are currently looking for arcade/pinball community members to commit to bringing games, which is always essential at these types of events. More info about it can be found here.

More Dragon’s Heart Info – This week the news about the discovery of an unknown Neo Geo game became the #1 viewed story on the site since we started almost 10 years ago. Thanks to sites like Hacker News and Reddit for sending traffic our way. Since then more updates have come to light, which I did mention in part in the original post (such as the name of the game being Dragon’s Heart) and tipster Michael Louie sent me this link which has a good wrap-up of the info gathered since the post came to light earlier this week.

Flyer of the Week – Subroc 3D by Sega: As mentioned, we’ll skip Name That Game this week but there is always the flyer of the week! Stereoscopic 3D and gaming is getting a boost with the VR developments and this game shows how the arcade industry was at the cutting edge of that way back in 1982. Anything involving submarines proves an easy target for this technology since the user is expected to look inside of a periscope anyways. Despite the effects and the Sega name, this game is not fondly remembered among early 80s classics, being one of those ‘forgotten by time’ kind of games. As it was, it was a sci-fi version of Sea Wolf with a lot of aircraft and flak shooting into the screen so there wasn’t a whole lot to it other than the gimmick. Here’s a video of it in action if you are curious…the full flyer can be found at


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    Thanks for newsing the SEGA Week event, guys! Can’t wait to play some classic SEGA arcade games.

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