The Fireshark Theater Multiplayer Experience Now Available

arcadehero July 26, 2016 1

Interactive theaters have been an important part of the FEC market for a while now, offering unique mid-sized attractions for locations with some space and a budget. Most of the time, those theaters use light-guns to interact with the game but on occasion something different may come along. In the case of the new Fireshark Theater by Kansas-based Fireshark Studios, it would fit the bill of being ‘different’. Using projection mapping and familiar but modified Xbox-style controllers, this provides a giant video arcade experience for locations to enjoy:

As you can see from the preview above, up to sixteen players can compete on one of two exclusive games: Mech Mayhem (appears to be a twin stick shooter involving giant robots in an arena; pictured below) and Rift Heroes (a sci-fi variation of the Super Smash Bros. fighting concept). Those titles come with the package and if popular, that should mean more titles will be made available. The theaters also come with custom management software, that allows the operator to adjust how long the games are, pricing and other options.


There are three hardware configurations available: Modular, Builder and Mobile. The Modular design will likely be the most popular option for FECs as it has the self-contained theater setup as seen below. A bench allows for eight players to sit while the other eight stand behind them. The Builder is more of a DIY concept that would work for both home and business while allowing for some customization of the concept; mobile goes without saying really as it is the theater inside of a mobile trailer.


The Fireshark Theater has already been installed out there and according to the company, is posting high weekly earnings. What are your thoughts on this new interactive theater?

[Fireshark Theater Official Website]

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