New Arcades: Round 1 USA Expansion; X-Treme Fun Center Expands (FL); Power Play Arcade (FL)

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New Arcades: Round 1 USA Expansion; X-Treme Fun Center Expands (FL); Power Play Arcade (FL)

Often when the end of the year hits us, we come across news for new venues. So let’s get you up to speed:

Round 1 USA Opens In Exton, PA; Coming Soon To South West Plaza in Littleton, CO

The Japanese owned Round 1 USA is continuing to expand their operations here in the USA. This means more games that you often only find in Japanese arcades like Theatrhythm Final Fantasy are to be found near you. The company has mostly favored the Western regions of the US but with the opening of the Exton, PA location yesterday, this helps balance that out.

They also are hiring for the soon-to-be-open location in Littleton, CO. Their locations page shows that and a venue in Lithonia, GA as ‘coming soon’.

Article About The New Silver Springs, MD Dave & Busters

Just a quick note here, we did mention this D&B recently but in case you wanted to see more, this real estate blog has some pictures and details.

X-Treme Fun Center Expansion (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

Part of the reason for the news slow down this week is that I was back in Florida again on business. I made a trip to South Florida where I got to check out the PrimeTime Amusements facility and the X-Treme Fun Center that they do game operations for. It is quite an impressive facility, housing bowling, go karts, food and of course an arcade. They have a mix of old and new arcades, focusing more on new.

When I was there, I saw that they were expanding that arcade, adding an 8 seat XD Dark Ride and they were talking about getting in dozens of other new titles. It also is the first venue I’ve seen with a rope course, where that course is setup directly over the game area. Add to that a new trampoline park that opened within the past few weeks, an impressive car museum, new escape rooms and more coming in 2017, this is quite the FEC to check out if you are in the area.

Not the best pic but here’s one view of the arcade area

and from the car area just for fun (some are replicas but there were a few that were used as props from certain films) :

Power Play Arcade Opens At The Orlando International Airport

You might recall that a few years ago, famous high score guru Billy Mitchell opened up a small arcade at the Orlando International Airport. It eventually closed but the airport apparently has stayed interested in the idea of having one around. According to this post on the Facebook group Atari Museum, a local Florida operator known as Power Play has opened a location there with titles like Galaga Assault, Star Trek LE pinball & World’s Largest Pac-Man. This location apparently opened up last month but I have been unable to find out where in the airport it is. I’ve been there two different times in the month and did not see it before security or after.

Have you heard about any new locations that are open out there (or will be opening soon)? Please let us know!

If you find yourself near one of these venues, stop by and give them your support!


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