New Daytona Championship USA Teaser Trailer – Three-Seven Speedway

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New Daytona Championship USA Teaser Trailer – Three-Seven Speedway

Happy Monday everyone. With the start of a new week comes a new teaser trailer from Sega’s upcoming (and slightly renamed) Daytona Championship USA. The reason this is coming along now is that it is EAG 2017 week and players in the UK will get a chance to play the latest software & hardware build of the game. IAAPA wasn’t that long ago but a lot can change in little time so we will stay tuned for that. The game is still slated for a release sometime this Spring. In the mean time, let’s check out the new trailer and analyze!

The New Daytona Three – Seven Speedway Teaser

In case you missed it, here is my look at the Three-Seven Speedway as seen a couple of months ago at IAAPA 2016:

Trailer analysis:

Starting out with the new rendition of Rolling Start and the Three -Seven Speedway logo is a good way to begin:

Three-Seven Speedway Logo

Then a view from in front of the pitstop garages and the stands. Graphically we can see clean, bump-mapped textures(including some skid marks on the track), vibrant colors (the stands, trees and the sky gradient), flags waving in the wind, animated characters, and soft shadows being cast from objects:

Three-Seven Speedway pitstop

Next up a view of the cars driving under the natural rock overpass right before Sonic Mountain. Nice detail in the road with the cracks and the needles in the trees; no need for them to really put in a bunch of grass on the sides since the player will hardly notice it but there is some there. This also provides another good look at the lighting engine:

Three Seven Overpass 1

Looking at the stands from the side of the road where you can see that some of the people there moving around. The reflection on that glass building is dynamic but you only see that when driving in-game:

Three - Seven Speedway crowd

Depending on your capture trigger finger, you can catch details on the cars zooming by. Notice the wheels still have that blocky design from the original, albeit with a little more detail/density so it isn’t so obvious. HOWEVER that is not always the case depending on the car as you will see further down. Compression artifacts are from Youtube which always gets blurry/pixellated with fast movement:

3 -7 cars

Around the bend near Sonic Mountain. On the second shot you can see a globe statue on the left in-between the trees and the green/yellow ad that says “Olhos De Amor Foods” is Portuguese for “Eyes of Love Foods”…which I don’t think is real, at least from a quick online search. We should get an Arcade Heroes ad in there  :P:

Three - Seven Speedway Bend

Three-Seven Olhos De Amor Foods

The animated carousel and the sun. The carousel has a clock on the side that reads 14:29:

Three - seven Speedway Carousel

More of the crowd as the cars zoom past them and that globe statue again:

Three- Seven Speedway crowd 2

Youtube compression struck badly on this shot. It shows the replacement digital ad for the slot machine that was on the original track.

Three- Seven Rev Official

Another angle from the pitstop area showing the carousel and the safety cones. No one is going to notice the grass details in the game from that close so no biggie here 😛 They have put wear-n-tear smudges on the cone though which is a nice little touch

Three-Seven Speedway cones

An overhead shot from the track where you can see the finer soft shadow details being cast from the fencing. Also notice the white stripes that appear speckled from use. There’s another bit of Portuguese here so I wonder if someone on the development team is from Brazil or Portugual – the hood of the car says “São Paulo”, name of one of the largest cities in the world found in Brazil:

Three - Seven Speedway Sao Paulo

Another shot that suffers from video compression artifacts (probably the worst). Here the tires look much more realistic; they also put the detail of grime into the lower concrete wall along the sides.  I should also mention there are ads in Spanish too, I just notice the Portuguese stuff more since I speak it:

Three - Seven Speedway In The Door

Last but not least, Sonic Mountain in all his glorious 3D detail plus a car crash with smoke effects:

Three - Seven Sonic Mountain

Last but not least, the new Daytona Championship USA logo that lacks the 3.

daytona championship USA

As mentioned, we are expecting to see more from the game this week. What are your thoughts on this new trailer for Daytona Championship USA as well as the name change?



  1. Mazinger January 16, 2017 at 9:55 am - Reply

    The name change is reinforcing my worry that there aren’t going to be any new track layouts. Because the build shown at IAAPA had two identical beginner layouts, my fear is that there will only be the three original layouts repeated with different scenery, as in there will be Lakeside Castle AND Dinosaur Canyon.

    • arcadehero January 16, 2017 at 10:35 am - Reply

      We should see more about the tracks by tomorrow but I wouldn’t be too worried. The promotion of this track makes sense given the popularity of 3-7 and the name change was probably done to streamline the title.

  2. Brent Silby January 16, 2017 at 9:03 pm - Reply

    They seem to have retained the look and feel of the original. I think that was a good design decision. It’s looking pretty good to me.

  3. KingHomer January 16, 2017 at 9:50 pm - Reply

    I agree. I love the look and feel. It has that fun arcade look to it. This is the kind of game that forces you to hit an arcade.

  4. Da Flex January 17, 2017 at 1:10 am - Reply

    I liked the game back in the 90’s on my SEGA Saturn console. But for todays standards it’s just boring. A re-launch of Power Drift would be a much better decision.

    PS: This is my first post. Hello from Germany, great blog!

  5. whattheheck January 28, 2017 at 9:35 am - Reply

    Sorry but this looks like crap, the graphics looks like a mobile game and it lacks heart. SEGA used to be the king, what happened! I rather play the original…

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