Merry Newsbytes: Hado Singapore; The Void UK; DDR; Legend Heroes Sports & More

arcadehero December 23, 2017 0
Merry Newsbytes: Hado Singapore; The Void UK; DDR; Legend Heroes Sports & More

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays fellow arcade gamers. Today’s newsbytes will catch up on some Stinger Report newsfeeds and a few other items.

Wizard Of Oz Pinball Updated

I mentioned that Star Wars pinball was updated the other day so it is fitting to mention that Jersey Jack’s Wizard Of Oz has new software as well:

Meleap Hado AR Opens 2nd “Flagship” Facility In Singapore

This should have been mentioned in one of the more recent location posts but it was overlooked. Back at the end of October, Amusement AR company Meleap opened up their second ‘flagship’ location to demonstrate their Augmented Reality HADO equipment for users to enjoy. I know they had been looking to do something similar in the USA although nothing has come of that so far. You can read the translated story here(Thanks to The Stinger Report for the tip); or watch this video:

The Void Powered Star Wars VR Experience Opens In London

We’ve mentioned The Void before, and while it has been a while since we’ve had an update from them, they are looking to hit their stride with the new Star Wars VR experience. Kevin Williams was able to get an exclusive look at the opening of the London facility; one will open in Disney Springs in Orlando this next year as well.

Looking At The DDR Scene In The USA

Polygon ran this article last week that delved into the Dance Dance Revolution scene as it has been in the US in recent years. It covers frustrations players find in having working machines (personally, I’ve been hoping that Step Revolution’s new dance pad system would launch so that the pads could be replaced but no dice on that so far) as well as Konami’s half-hearted efforts at supporting the scene.

DDR A has certainly made a wave thanks to the e-Amusement functionality but there is the question whether DDR can really grow again given the current sales requirements. The quota I’ve been told is that a distributor like Betson needs a minimum of 50 orders. It would require quite a dedicated effort of getting independent arcades together to invest in filling up such an order. That said, I imagine that Round1USA and Dave & Busters will support the next iteration of DDR (or likely Dance Rush) in the event that players have been able to keep the current models popular.

Legend Heroes Sports Opens In Chiba City, Japan

For another facility opening their doors in Japan that is related to amusement but is not exactly an arcade, there is Legend Heroes Sports. The simulation and the e-Sports include baseball, clay shooting, bowling, horse racing, soccer, trampolines, archery, pitching, and more. Some of those games are like large format arcade games and surprisingly (for Japan) – pinball. You can visit their website here.

An Ode (Of Sorts) To Craigslist – Do You See What I see Christmas/Arcade Parody

Last but not least for today 😉

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