New Locations: Walt’s Bar (CA); Punch Bowl Social (IL); Dave & Busters; Sega Prize Zones (UK)

arcadehero February 23, 2018 0

New locations for arcade enjoyment are always opening up out there; here’s the latest collection of such news as I have found it while exploring the interwebs. That and thanks to those that sent tips my way:

Walt’s Bar (Los Angeles, CA)

This one opens up today, bringing another arcade/bar to Los Angeles, although from the pictures on their Instagram page, it seems more of a retro pinball bar than anything. The line-up includes: “Roller Disco, Fathom, Evel Kinevel, 8 ball deluxe, Strikes & Spares, Xenon, Surf Champ, Knockout and 4 Square.” LA Eater has a few more details if you are interested.

Walts Bar, Los Angeles CA

Punch Bowl Social (Chicago, IL)

The FEC market in Illinois continues to grow, now with an upcoming Punch Bowl Social location that plans on opening on March 10th. While game details are scarce, they will have “vintage arcade games, Skee-ball and more”, which will also include VR. With 30,000 sq. ft., they have plenty of space to fill it up with entertainment. Read more about it at Chicago Eater.

Dave & Busters Opens in Memphis, TN; Wayne, NJ

Arcade FEC chain Dave & Busters has continued a strong pace in new location openings, landing location number 109 in Wayne, NJ, back on Valentine’s Day. Several other locations have opened their doors including: Auburn, WA; Baltimore, MD; Bayamón, PR; Carlsbad, CA; Columbia, SC; Daly City, CA; Memphis, TN; Myrtle Beach, SC; Pineville, NC; Rogers, AR; Tampa, FL; and Woodbridge/Middlesex, NJ. You can find more information on the new locations on D&B’s locations page.

GameTime (Margaritaville Resort, Orlando)

This one is set to open as a part of a large retail project in Orlando, with “Phase 1 will open in November of this year”. The GameTime FEC will feature 24,000 sq. ft. of space to offer food and some of the latest arcade machines that sounds like it will span both video and redemption. There aren’t more details about it at this point but if you want to read more about the overarching project, Attractions Magazine has the details.

Superbowl UK (St. Helens, Merseyside, UK) & Prize Zone (Westquay)

(Thanks to Tedward for the tip)

Superbowl UK is partnering up with several companies including Sega Amusements to open up a new amusement venue in the city of St. Helens in the UK. Construction has begun on the venue but it is still a ways out from opening the doors, aiming for some time in 2019. The Sega part of it will be a Prize Zone, a couple of which they have opened in the UK including in Hertfordshire and Hatford. We’ll follow up with more info when the opening date approaches next year.

Plans have also been filed for Sega to open an arcade (the assumption is another Prize Zone) in Westquay but it is still rather early for details. Picture is one of the other Prize Zones:

Sega Prizezone Front

That is all that has popped up for now – if you find yourself near any one of these locations now or in the future when they open, be sure to stop by and give them your patronage!

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