Tomb Raider Arcade Now Available To Order; Shipping Early May

arcadehero March 22, 2018 4
Tomb Raider Arcade Now Available To Order; Shipping Early May

Early today, I headed over to the Adrenaline Amusements website to look up some information on another game and noticed a very interesting change – they are showcasing Tomb Raider Arcade. This was a bit of a surprise as from what little I had found out about it with the Dave & Busters timed exclusive release, they would be enjoying the game for a while longer than this Spring. Given the release of the film this past weekend, it does seem a better time to be promoting it. Fortunately the new game page gives us a much nicer cabinet image than what we had to work with:

Tomb Raider Arcade by Adrenaline Amusements

By what I had heard ‘through the grapevine’, the general release of the game was supposed to take place later in the year but I can now confirm that such a release will happen much sooner than that. Operators can already place an order for this game, expecting shipments to begin in “early May.” Here’s a screenshot from the game:

I had also wondered about the release time table given that the game made an appearance at Amusement Expo 2018. The wide release features three chapters of play (instead of one as found on the Dave & Busters version out there now), some of which you can see via this new direct capture promo trailer posted to the company’s YouTube channel:

A brochure for the game is here in case you are looking for some specs (PDF file). If you have had a chance to play this at Dave & Busters already, what are your thoughts about it?


  1. nix March 23, 2018 at 1:13 pm - Reply

    Great that they got to make a trailer of it! I’m not sure if it’s difficulty with the licencors in posting direct-feed or just the arcade manufacturers not seeing the value of advertising online, but we seem to not get a just amount of footage put out for new arcade games before release; the best we can hope for is somebody posting their live-player cam shots from a location test or maybe a split-second glimpse in a Dave & Busters ad. Very cool of Adrenaline Amusements to put this clip out, I hope they do this more often.

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