Changes Come To Big Buck Wild With The May 2018 Update

arcadehero April 27, 2018 0
Changes Come To Big Buck Wild With The May 2018 Update

It was recently announced that commercial/online Big Buck Wild machines would be receiving a big new update on May 1st, 2018. We ran a post about what was known here; since then we’ve been in the wait-and-see state for more details.

Today, Play Mechanix/Raw Thrills pulled the cover back on that update and for fans of the game, it’s quite the truckload of changes & improvements. It goes beyond just adding a new animal to the game, bringing changes to the UI, qualifiers & tournaments, how Treks are handled and more. The biggest changes are with how the tournaments are handled, which should give hunters in Australia (one of the ‘Big Buck Strongholds’ of Pro players) something to be excited about. I captured this image from the end of stream that wraps it up nicely:

Big Buck Wild 2018

Better than a static image however, is a video! Here is the announcement as uploaded to YouTube, just in case you missed some of the details or were unable to watch it at the time:

This is one great advantage of having a game connected to the internet – secure online updates to keep content fresh and get the game earning again. Seeing how Big Buck HD initially launched in 2012, Play Mechanix has been able to keep things moving along, staying on top as the world’s #1 hunting game.

What do you think about the update and the changes from this announcement?

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