Newsbytes: Halo Fireteam Raven Cabinet; Strania EX & M2 Join Exa; ColorDMD Updates & More

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Newsbytes: Halo Fireteam Raven Cabinet; Strania EX & M2 Join Exa; ColorDMD Updates & More

Today’s Newsbytes is sure to be interesting. Let’s get to it 😉 But first, if you do the Facebook thing, I updated the album for Arcade/Pinball cabinets the other day. There are some additions a few of you might be interested in.

The Halo Fireteam Raven Cabinet

While the location test is still a couple to few weeks away, there is at least one complete cabinet out there. Here is what it looks like – two environmental cabinets linked to the other at a slight angle. I’m curious to know if the “11’x11’x11′” measurements that were mentioned on the Inside Xbox interview are precise but either way, this is a beast that will take up a lot of space. From the looks of it, they decided to do the angling so that users could enter into the machine from both sides (and that also helps against the “den of iniquity” that environmental cabs sometimes have a little reputation for):

And since this is related to Raw Thrills, after 1 week of operation, my new TMNT game is doing very well. With how it has done, it is putting to bed (so far) the notion that beat’em ups or joystick controlled games ‘can’t make it’ in today’s market. Granted, whichever game goes this path needs the right hardware/software design and the license helps.

Strania EX Coming Exclusively To EXA; M2 Joins As A Developer

We’ve got some Exa-Arcadia news to share as well. First, it has been known that Japanese developer G.Rev has been a part of the 3rd party (or perhaps it should be considered 2nd party in this case?) support for the upcoming EXA board and today their first game for it was announced. Strania EX will be the “ultimate edition” of the game, which version will only be made available for arcades per this tweet. Here’s a video review of Strania Revisited as released on Steam some time ago:

And sticking with the EXA news, M2 is now officially considered to be a developer for the platform. They recently announced Ninja Soldier as coming to arcades so EXA will be the platform that it will find its way to arcades around the world.

Starship Troopers, Shrek & Baywatch Pinball Get Color

Starship Troopers was announced as gaining the colored dots this week but there is no video preview of it at this time. Click here for some screenshots. I used to own a Shrek pinball machine and had hoped that the colorization would have landed while I still had it but alas, it was not to be. Here are the latest updates from ColorDMD on their colorizing efforts:

I’ve seen a Baywatch once or twice but never played it:

Saint Fun’s Fast Beat Loop Racer Lands On PC

Modern arcade ports to consoles have become rare these days but if you have had the pleasure of experiencing Saint Fun’s Fast Beat Loop Racer (something that is more of a technical racer), you can now play it on the PC. It is one of the few titles that I haven’t come across at a trade show…as far as I know, it’s something designed to compete in the realm of Maximum Tune/Initial D type games. Here’s a link to the Steam version.

More News On The Neo Geo Mini Coming In June

As per this tweet, keepin’ it short and sweet:

Let’s end today’s Newsbytes with the creator of Midway’s Rampage (Brian Colin, center) with the cast and some crew of the Rampage movie:

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