New Videmption Games From Touch Magix: Mystery Island, Dicey Jump, Hop ‘N’ Stack

arcadehero November 5, 2018 0

IAAPA 2018 is almost upon us, and that means even more new game announcements! Today, we’ve got three new videmption games from Touch Magix to talk about. If you are unfamiliar with Touch Magix, they are an India-based company that has recently been making strides with videmption titles like Magix Floor and Mannequin Challenge. They also recently began advertising on the site, as you’ve likely noticed with the banner ad at the top.

While the company was originally founded in India, they have established their manufacturing capacity in the USA. Here are their new games that are shipping right now, and will be showcased at IAAPA 2018.

Mystery Island

This is a mixed reality game that was first seen at Amusement Expo 2018 and subsequently Bowl Expo. The cabinet has changed quite a bit, moving up from just a box with art to featuring molded fixtures, additional LED lighting and changes to the projection mapped terrain. I’ve already shared the prototype footage a few times, so here’s the flyer:

Mystery Island Flyer

Dicey Jump

For the first new addition in Touch Magix’s videmption line-up is Dicey Jump. Using a simple dice theme and two buttons, players must make snap judgments on whether they should perform a single or a double jump, working to stay ahead of the sawblade on the left hand side of the screen. Here’s the flyer, showing a rendered version of the cabinet:

Dicey Jump Flyer

Hop ‘N’ Stack

Keeping it simple is the theme of most videmption games, expanding on their electromechanical cousins in those ways that only video games can, but no jumping too far ahead. This one is a single button game, where it sounds like the gameplay is similar to Crazy Tower – push the button to stop the blocks, keeping a mustache guy from falling off.

IAAPA 2018 begins next Tuesday (Nov. 13th), where we’ll be able to see these, and many other new games, in person.

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