EAG 2019: The Latest Arcade Games Come To London

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EAG 2019: The Latest Arcade Games Come To London

It’s the middle of January, which not only means that it’s cold outside for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, but that our friends across the pond are throwing a big amusement trade show. Known as EAG, we’ve covered this show as it has evolved over the years, from ATEI to what it is today. Unfortunately, the AH writers that used to attend the show in person who live in the UK have moved onto other things, but we still have friends there who have been sharing plenty online. Credit will be given where it is due.

Latest and Greatest: New Items Unseen At IAAPA 2018

If you visit a giant show like IAAPA, then smaller arcade shows can seem familiar as many of the products will have been seen already. That said, you can still find debuts of various titles, which is what we’ll focus on first.

ATV Slam (Sega Amusements) – Sega’s latest racer was originally going to appear at IAAPA, but it was pushed back to EAG, allowing this event to be the first time the industry gets their hands on it. Reviews have been mixed on it so far, but keep in mind that it’s still in beta so it’s best to save final judgments for later.

Our friends over at Arcade Belgium has just uploaded a bunch of videos focusing on titles at EAG 2019; here’s ATV Slam in action; I’ll be putting others below

Also of interest was an earnings chart that Sega had at the booth. They had one of these at IAAPA as well (which I thought I had shared on AH, but might have been lost in the IAAPA shuffle), showing some earnings data for us to chew on. Granted, we don’t know exactly where and when this data was collected, but it’s better than nothing. Interesting to note that ATV Slam has been on test here in the US, but no one snuck us a photo. Unfortunately, the simplest redemption games still manage to please the masses the most (#LamentationsOfAGamer), but titles like Scarlet Dawn aren’t too far behind. For us operators, one has to appreciate the ROI statements there…only 15 weeks on Daytona which quite good, but again, it’s pretty crazy that a ticket crane has itself paid off in 3 weeks. Photo by Toby Nakhorn:

Thunderbirds pinball (Homepin/Highway Games) – You might recall our previous coverage on the Thunderbirds pinball game, although I have not heard much about it since (I also just realized that I missed it on our arcade/pinball releases for 2018 video…). Pinball does seem to be taking on a more prominent role in the UK now, even though they no longer have a home grown pinball manufacturer.

Thunderbirds pinball

Dance Dance Revolution A (Konami, Electrocoin) – Ok, this isn’t new/new, but it wasn’t at IAAPA, and it doesn’t look like any distributor will be carrying it here. This also shows to fans of DDR that the game is available in Europe, in case they didn’t know. Photo credit: Las Vegas Soho

Wild West Shootout (UDC) – I’m not sure who developed the software for this one – looks like a Chinese made game – but it had a prominent role at the UDC booth, so we’ll give them the credit for now. We haven’t seen a Western themed video game in while (excepting Bounty Hunter), especially with the quick draw pistol. This one has been made as a videmption game, but I have a hunch it would work for amusement-only. We’ll have to wait and see if it ends up here in the US.

Wild West Shootout

MotoX (UDC) – Chances are that Sega’s Super Hang-On comes to mind when you see this cabinet, although I do not know how this plays. There’s a smaller version made for kid at the booth too; you can see them very briefly in the videos below. I’m also not sure who made this so UDC is credited until more info comes along. You can get it in any four of the colors shown; it will serve tickets; the kiddie version is called Moto 3 (second pic):

MotoX by UDC

Moto 3 kiddie ride videogame

Gear Up Highspeed (UDC) – I had to do a double take on this one as the description said that it is a kiddie racing game, but the sleek design made it look more elevated than what we expect in that regard. I haven’t seen anything else about this, but judging by the gameplay stills here, it looks like the software is another vehicle-based endless runner collect-a-thon that you would find on mobile. Still, great cabinet design:

Gear Up Highspeed arcade

The UDC Booth –  Since so much of the above is from UDC, here are two videos that give a quick walkaround their booth. Fans of redemption gaming will like these, as the focus is more on those products here.

[fb_pe url=”https://www.facebook.com/udclondon/videos/293274051389558/” bottom=”30″]

[fb_pe url=”https://www.facebook.com/udclondon/videos/2280522622220820/” bottom=”30″]

Previously Seen

For those games we’ve seen and discussed at IAAPA 2018; you can find plenty of videos I took of these games over on the Arcade Heroes YouTube channel

House of the Dead Scarlet Dawn (Sega)

Halo: Fireteam Raven 2-player (Raw Thrills)

Tomb Raider 65″ (Adrenaline Amusements)

Super Bikes 3 (Raw Thrills)

Fantasy Soccer (UNIS)

Daytona Championship USA New Season Edition (Sega)

Transformers Shadows Rising (Sega)

If you had the chance to attend EAG 2019, we’d love to hear what you thought!


  1. Ezra January 17, 2019 at 2:04 pm - Reply

    Thunderbirds is made by Homepin, not Highway. Also, it’s spelled Heighway, after the founder’s last name. Also, Heighway went out of business.

    • arcadehero January 18, 2019 at 8:59 pm - Reply

      Highway Games is an Australian distributor that is working with Homepin, but I had forgot the Homepin name that I added to the post thanks to your comment. As for Heighway Pinball, we covered that in the past including their closure, so this wasn’t a confused paragraph alluding that Thunderbirds was by Heighway 😉

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