Sega Officially Unveils Daytona Championship USA SDLX

arcadehero February 20, 2019 2

We’ve had a couple of stories in the past week about a new model for Sega’s Daytona Championship USA, and while this is another one, this one has better media along with some official details thanks to a press release that the company has issued.

First off, let’s look at the official cabinet render, as the only image we had seen so far was taken from a little bit of a distance:

Daytona Championship USA Super Deluxe by Sega Amusements

With that, you can compare it to Showdown SDLX (2014).

With that, here are some details, then we’ll jump to the press release.

The game uses the same “pivot motion platform” Showdown used, which presents a pretty unique simulator experience compared to other motion racers I’ve played. It has been a while since I’ve played the SDLX version of Showdown; hopefully we’ll be able to play it at Amusement Expo 2019.

Daytona SDLX uses 65″ 1080p screens and features an “authentic dashboard” with working dials & buttons. In Showdown, that features a radio where a small LCD said the name of the song; you can see that same green LCD on the right hand side of the control panel.

The PR says that the game is now available, so if you have an FEC with the budget and space for it, then you can grab one. If you’re a fan in the Chicago area that wants to check this out, then hit up the Lucky Strike Social.


20th February 2019

Sega Premiers Daytona Championship USA Motion Super Deluxe at Lucky Strike Social!

Sega’s leading racing game Daytona Championship USA just got a whole lot better! Hailed as the ultimate arcade racer, the game is now available in a brand-new Motion Super Deluxe, 4 Player Attraction Cabinet. The exhilarating game made its debut at the opening of the latest Lucky Strike Social in Wrigleyville, Chicago, last week.

Left to right: Vince Moreno (Sega), Jim Bennington (Lucky Strike Social), Paul Williams (Sega) and Hiram Gonzalez (Play It Amusements) at the Launch of Lucky Strike Social, Wrigleyville.

The game features Pivot Motion Platform that pushes immersive racing experience to its limits. High quality and extremely reliable, this pivot-based motion system propels players from side to side, creating a unique sense of G-Force. The technology lets players experience the full force of drifting, crashing and overtaking like they have never experienced before.

Daytona Championship USA delivers arcade-perfect gameplay. Great handling, force feedback steering, amazing ‘AI’ and ‘catch up’ feels so natural that players will think they are on the race track. Players get to challenge their friends on six high-octane race tracks. New cars, auto or manual drive, as well as new game modes, makes Daytona Championship USA the perfect arcade game for players old and new.

Every aspect of the super deluxe motion attraction 4 player cabinet has been designed to captivate, thrill and heighten their senses of the drive each time they take the seat. The Authentic Dashboard features real working dials, buttons and instruments that perfectly complement the on-track action. The dash also features a classic four-speed manual gear shifter adding to the experience. Combine the authentic dashboard with razor-sharp graphics that unfolds on huge 65” HD LED screens, and you have an electrifying, immersive gameplay experience.

Daytona Championship USA’s Tournament Mode is revolutionary and the customisation options in operator settings makes it the most operator-friendly racing game. The ‘Instant Rematch’ feature encourages repeat play by getting players right back in the race on the same track and car. Fully Lit Super Marquee that changes colour with the game, dazzles visitors on any location, while the ‘Live TV’ inspired Spectator Video Billboards, allows spectators to see players reactions in real time.

To experience Daytona Championship USA Motion Super Deluxe head down to Lucky Strike Social Wrigleyville, Chicago. This unit is extra special as it features four extra spectator monitors giving it a truly impressive look.

For further information contact Sega on +1 847-364-9787, +44 (0)208 391 8090,, or contact your Local Authorized Sega Distributor.

DAYTONA® is a registered trademark of the International Speedway, Inc. and licensed to International Speedway Corporation.




  1. Casey March 13, 2019 at 9:10 pm - Reply

    As a technician for a large arcade this looks like a nightmare for me.

    We have 2 Daytona Championship USA units at our location now and we have had to replace so many bolts, POTs, and seat adjusters in the past 2 years it’s crazy!

    These games aren’t made for a busy game floor, but they would do amazing in a personal game room. They look amazing.

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