Battle Bowling Sports A New Cabinet As Testing Begins

arcadehero November 15, 2019 0
Battle Bowling Sports A New Cabinet As Testing Begins

It’s been a couple of months since we last spoke about an upcoming indie arcade project by the name of Battle Bowling. Developed by a group called Coin Crew, this is their second game, with Hot Wheels – King of the Road coming in as their first.

While we may not hear about games in development on a a daily or weekly basis, the teams behind them are always hard at work to get them ready for prime time. In the case of Battle Bowling, that has entailed both hardware and software changes, adjustments and updates, bringing the game to a level that is ready for on-site testing.

Here is the new cabinet (click here to see the older one), then we’ll discuss what is different:

Battle Bowling location test version by Coin Crew

The general design remains the same, but they’ve switched from standard 3 1/2″ to 7″ diameter trackballs to better simulate a bowling ball. They’ve also added LED T-Molding to the sides to give it that additional flash. It still supports two players per cabinet, but links two cabinets together for 4-player mayhem.

For the game itself, it is now operating with 9 levels, one of which was described as being “really wacky” as the bowling balls will bounce from one battling starship to another. That is one example of how this game departs from the traditional bowling game setting of the polished wooden lanes. Additional levels (and a quick glimpse of that space one) are seen in more detail in this new video showing the latest version of the game in action:

According to message I saw on LinkedIn, the particular cabinet shown above is currently testing at the Dave & Busters in Arcadia, CA. The test version is mainly focused on redemption play, but when the finally game is released, it will support both redemption and non-redemption to cover all of the bases. While no exact release date has been touted yet, the end of the video says 2020. As a note, this game will not be at IAAPA 2019, where their focus is on Hot Wheels.

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