Newsbytes: House of the Dead Attraction; Gremlins Arcade; Dark Presence & More

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Hello there, and welcome to another exciting edition of Newsbytes, a weekend post that highlights quick news items from around the world of arcades for your reading pleasure.

BTW – For anyone who has been trying to reach me via email over the past two weeks, said email has been fixed. It was lost with the site problems, but that’s all behind us now. 🙂

House of the Dead Scarlet Dawn Goes Attraction Style

If you want to experience Sega’s Scarlet Dawn like it were a theme park ride, then you’ll want to plan on visiting the Tokyo Joypolis sometime after March 19th when this new multiplayer version of the game launches. Like many of Joypolis’ attractions, the chances of this coming to the West as a piece that theme parks and FECs can buy are pretty slim, but I could also imagine that Sega could do a partnership with a company like Triotech for this if they saw a benefit for it. The official page for this release is found here.

House of the Dead Scarlet Dawn The Attraction

Gremlins Arcade: The History

Let’s start off with some ancient arcade history, in particular a look at what happened with Atari’s never released Gremlins arcade game. I had heard about this before and had seen some footage, but what Andrew Borman of the Strong National Museum of Play dug up here provides the most exhaustive look at the game from conception to cancellation that I’ve ever seen. The most surprising thing for me was that it was originally destined for the I, Robot hardware, but I won’t spoil all of the info on this one. Check it out here (I’d embed the video, but it seems to have been blocked from that)

Gremlins arcade game by AtariInfinos EXA Trailer

I mentioned this one earlier in the week, but at the time of the post, this promo video wasn’t up (or I had overlooked it). This highlights some of the differences that the EXA version has, including some new ships and the EXA Mode; overall, it looks like the arcade build will be the definitive Infinos experience:

BTW, speaking of the EXA, the company listed Super Battle Princess Madelyn on their site this week. While that had been announced back in November, it didn’t have it’s own game page until now.

Dark Presence Coming To C2E2

H/T To Wilcox Arcade for catching this one. If you are a long time reader of the site, then you may recall when we covered the development of an indie-made 1v1 fighting game by the name of Dark Presence. Designed by Galloping Ghost Productions, this is one that many people are still holding out for, but due to the lengthy “development hell” it’s been in for the past 14 years, you can be forgiven if you forgot about it. Hopefully the game really is nearing completion at this point, which we’ll get a better idea of when the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo gets underway this next week:

Dark Presence

Mustang Pinball Gets Colorized

Thanks to the efforts from the colorization wizards over at ColorDMD, Mustang joins the crowd:

Bay Tek Attending DEAL 2020 With A New Game

Just a quick one here as there is nothing more than a name to go off of, but Bay Tek will be headed to DEAL 2020 with one new piece that I haven’t heard of before – Hypernova. It is mentioned in this news over at Intergame (which also mentioned the Minions Carnival Chaos, which was at IAAPA19). Whether that is a videmption or standard mechanical redemption title, we’ll have to wait and see; I would also be surprised if they don’t bring it to Amusement Expo, which takes place on March 10th & 11th.

New World Record For Galaga

Did you know that people do actually try to get high score on arcade games that are not named Donkey Kong? Shocking, I know 😛 . While Galaga seems to have missed all much of the media hype and attention for competitive high score play, that hasn’t stopped players like Jordan Dorrington from mastering the machine. Congrats Jordan! Now, who is capable of beating his new score?

That’s all I could gather for today – have an excellent weekend!

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