Jersey Jack Pinball Moving Manufacturing Operations To Illinois

arcadehero February 27, 2020 0

Well, news has been pretty slow in the arcade world this week, so I’m going to highlight a piece of news that I would normally leave for our Newsbytes.

Yesterday, Jersey Jack Pinball issued a press release (found below) that indicated a major change for the company, as it will no longer be headquartered in New Jersey – part of the company’s namesake. Instead, they are moving to Pinball Central, i.e. Illinois, where they already have had an operational office. Per the release, this is being done to “allow JJP to remain competitive and efficient in the market.” Unfortunately this does mean it’s the end-of-the-line for some Lakewood staff, but the release does mention that it will create 50+ new jobs. I imagine that if someone wants to move with the company that they can, as we’ve seen happen in recent moves such as when Bay Tek purchased Skeeball Amusements or when Family Fun Companies staff moved from IL to FL to become a part of Jennison Entertainment.

Along those lines, you usually hear about companies/people leaving IL; NJ is also ranked higher than IL as far as economic stats go, so this all does come as a surprise. That said, IL still has a strong manufacturing base & history, particularly when it comes to pinball, so from that angle, I could see why. Interesting that they are setting this part of the business down in Elk Grove though, as that is home to their biggest rival, Stern (as a note, various arcade manufacturers are close by, such as Raw Thrills, Chicago Gaming Company, American Pinball and the US arms of Sega & Bandai Namco).

While I’ve seen some jokes online about the name going to have to change, I don’t think they’ll have to get rid of “Jersey,” since it’s tied to Jack (if the company was called “New Jersey Pinball,” then yeah, it’d need a new name). What I can see changing though is their logo, since it prominently features an outline of the state of New Jersey. What do you think about this?

Here is the full press release:

CHICAGOFeb. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Jersey Jack Pinball (JJP), creator of premium pinball machines, will relocate its manufacturing operations from Lakewood, New Jersey to Elk Grove Village, Illinois, bringing fabrication into greater synergy with the design and engineering teams currently based in Bensenville Illinois, where JJP anticipates creating fifty or more new jobs.

“First and foremost, I would like to thank all the employees in Lakewood for their hard work and dedication to Jersey Jack Pinball and the wider pinball industry.  Their contributions are greatly appreciated,” said Jack Guarnieri. “This move will allow JJP to remain competitive and efficient in the market.  We look forward to creating an exciting, collaborative workplace in Illinois, where we can continue to be pioneers of pinball design, building great games for many years to come.”

Jersey Jack Pinball (JJP) is the industry leader in quality and technical innovation, creating groundbreaking pinball machines for seasoned players, collectors, and newcomers to the game.  Designed and manufactured in the United States, JJP’s state-of-the-art games are conceived on a foundation of pinball’s rich history and engineered with an unflinching eye toward its future.

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