Touch Magix To Launch Two At Amusement Expo 2020: Ticket Pinball & SpaceWarp 66 [AM]

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Touch Magix To Launch Two At Amusement Expo 2020: Ticket Pinball & SpaceWarp 66 [AM]

Amusement Expo 2020 is next week, and while I did publish a preview for what we expect to find at the show just the other day, sometimes news comes along that slightly changes things after such posts make the wires.

Such is the case for one of AH’s major advertisers, Touch Magix.  As you can see from their banner at the top of any page here (as of this writing; it changes), they are set to be at Expo at booth # 644 with their 3 titles that debuted at IAAPA. However, I have a press release here about two new launches for the company – one is a variation of what we first saw at IAAPA 2019, the other is brand new. As a note, both games are built in the USA, I believe at Fun Company in Wisconsin.

SpaceWarp 66 [Amusement Edition]

Let’s start with the variation game first, SpaceWarp 66 – Amusement Edition. As that implies, the gameplay remains intact, you’re just playing for points instead of tickets. This was one of the more popular games at IAAPA 2019 (as I heard a lot of people bring it up by the end of the week), and TM had mentioned that there was enough interest for this particular version, since not all locations out there can or want to operate redemption. One difference I see from the image provided of the cabinet is that the upper display shows the current Top Score as well as the Weekly Best. Perhaps this one can also be called the “Street Version.”

Ticket Pinball

For the new and original game, there is Ticket Pinball. This is a video pinball game housed in a pinball-style cabinet and with gameplay simplified to fit with the needs of ticket redemption venues (as noted in the PR below, most pinball redemption attempts have been failures, as pinball by it’s nature is too long for redemption titles, which tend to only last a few seconds to a minute). In this, you have a basic playfield with two flippers, a couple of pop-bumpers and a few other bumper walls. Ticket targets appear on the playfield that the player needs to hit with the ball. It also has a backbox display for info & scoring.

Ticket Pinball by Touch MagixPress Release

With a few more details:

[ For Immediate Release ]

TouchMagix to launch Pinball in easy-to-play video redemption format at Amusement Expo International 2020, along with SpaceWarp 66 in non-redemption amusement mode.

TouchMagix® has two exciting launches slated for Amusement Expo International 2020. The first is a new game, called Ticket Pinball, which will be offered in a video redemption format. “Despite being a well-known game, Pinball with redemption has not created as much impact in the industry due to mechanical, complex and longer gameplay. We’ve taken the philosophy of creating games that are easy-to-understand and difficult-to-master, and applied it to Pinball. We’re excited about this new launch and are confident it will resonate well with customers and operators,” said Jayesh Kariya, CEO of TouchMagix.

Along with Ticket Pinball, TouchMagix is also introducing their popular game, SpaceWarp 66®, in a non-redemption amusement mode for locations that operate without tickets as well as countries where redemption is not allowed. “We’ve always believed that addictive gameplay is the most critical factor in game design, and we’re thrilled to receive demand from operators and distributors to offer our games in non-redemption format. We look forward to expand our offering to more locations.” Jayesh added.

TouchMagix will display its entire line-up of new age redemption games at Amusement Expo International from 10-11th March in New Orleans, U.S.A.


  1. JBRPG March 7, 2020 at 8:05 am - Reply

    Somehow, I see those video pinball machines, basically software pinball with a flat screen to emulate a table.

    While Ticket Pinball may not bring much new besides ticket options for software pinball, at least it’s good for them to try different things.

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