Tokyo Joypolis Rides In First Person

arcadehero May 18, 2020 0
Tokyo Joypolis Rides In First Person

In lieu of hard arcade news right now, let’s highlight something that would normally go into a Newsbytes post. Last week, the Tokyo Joypolis YouTube account posted some videos of their rides in first person, allowing those of us who have never been there to experience some of their rides in a ‘virtually vicarious’ way. I suppose you could also say that this let’s you go to a theme park without getting close to a soul (which is also a reason why they’ve posted these things)

Here they are:

Indoor roller coaster with some Sonic The Hedgehog themed stuff. This has some interactivity to it with buttons on the console that must be pushed at certain times:

Storm-G, which is one we covered a loooong time ago. It’s a futuristic bobsledding ride, also with interactivity to it. While the below is a first-person view of it, here’s what the experience looks like on the outside(link to Twitter video):

For the last one that has also been mentioned before, a crazy half-pipe skating style ride (called Halfpipe Tokyo), where no experience nor skill on a skateboard is needed:

While I’m not 100% sure what’s next for the facility, one thing I do know that is being worked on is a big, unique 8-player version of Mission: Impossible Arcade (granted, who knows what might have been cancelled/greatly postponed due to the pandemic).

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