April Fools 2021 Round-Up

arcadehero April 1, 2021 0

It’s the day for pranksters and jokesters all around the globe, and per usual we’ve been a part of that for the arcade side of things. This year we did Untitled Goose Game Arcade, once again thanks to the art skills of Jdevy, who also created Doom Arcade and Super Smash Bros. Arcade in years past.

We haven’t been alone in the fun though, as we have several others worth highlighting for their own post. Here’s a round-up:

From Bandai Namco Amusements – I bet that if they made this real, it’d sell a few. Or they could do a Pac-Man Smoker, and call the wood pellets “Power Pellets” (it’s based upon the Pac-Man’s Pixel Bash Chill, which isn’t a joke)

Stern Pinball & Arcade1up’s Super Secret Challenge

LAI Games Introduces Project F.I.S.H. – There was a video of this on LinkedIn, but I’ve not seen it anywhere else. Great technobabble on this one.

IFPABurgh 2022 Announced – Not 100% sure if this one is a joke?

Konami Re-Releases Lethal Enforcers II – Ha, Konami releasing something..anything to US arcades these days is a joke in itself, amirite?

Billions of Bubs Invade Tokyo – Reminds me of the time when Taito came up with Darius 48

TrioTech Storm-In-The-Air:

Some Pranks From the Console World:

Dragonball…of the DEAD

Download Super Mario RPG2

Earth Defense Force Signs Peace Treaty With The Alien Menace (Earth Defence Force 5)

Sega Announces Shenmue Mania!

New Merchandise For DragonQuest

Smite Go! Announced For Mobile As New AR App

Date Your Starship Later This Year In Star Trek Online – I honestly had no idea this game was still around

On a completely unrelated note, I’m glad that Rifftrax Friends wasn’t actually rebranded to Rifftrax Plus+. 😛 I’ve got to roll my eyes every time I see some lazy giant studio call their streaming service “Whatever our name is+,” although Rifftrax Friends should be something like Rifftrax Theater 3000…


Hopefully, you had some fun today and nothing caught you so off guard that you really expected it to be real, and stay tuned for next year…what will jokesters think of next?

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