Newsbytes: Avian Knights Tournament; Insert Coins Watch Party, Headlines & More

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Welcome to Newsbytes, a post that curates news from around the world of arcades & pinball. It’s been about a month since the last one of these posts, so there are a few things to mention, although news has been slightly slow.

Avian Knights Holds World Competition

Back on January 27th, Alan-1 held their world tournament for their first game, Avian Knights. They put $17,500 up for grabs, with $10k being the grand prize while flying people in from all over the country. The game has been available on consoles since last year, which is where they were able to get the “best Avian Knights players” from. REtroman21 walked away with the grand prize and the tournament was streamed to Twitch, but I can’t seem to find the stream, so it must have been removed. You can find their Twitch channel here; Below is a short look at the competition on YouTube.

The game was supposed to roll out for arcades to buy last year but there was a major snag when their cabinet maker jacked the prices up and they have had to switch. I haven’t heard yet when it will be fully available for arcades to pick up if they want one, but I would assume with this tournament, it will be soon.

Insert Coins Watch Party

Chris Gore of the YouTube channel Film Threat (and one of the guys that was a part of the original G4TV) recently got together with Josh Tsui of the Insert Coin documentary and held a watch party with George Petro, Warren Davis, John Tobias, Sal DiVita, Carly Kocurak, and Dan Amrich. What better way to watch a documentary about Midway than with a bunch of people who were there?

TouchTunes Buys Arachnid 360

This news might be slightly esoteric for us here, as we don’t cover darts nor jukeboxes very often. That said, it is industry news, and some of you out there might operator either or both of those products. If you hadn’t heard already, TouchTunes has bought Arachnid 360. In case you aren’t familiar with these players, TouchTunes manufactures modern jukeboxes, Arachnid 360 makes arcade-style electronic dartboards.

There aren’t any immediate changes going into effect as it sounds like everyone is keeping the same positions at Arachnid…although I imagine we’ll see some kind of jukebox/dartboard hybrid down the road…

Arcade Belgium @ EAG 2024

Our friends at Arcade Belgium attended EAG 2024, and as a part of that have shared several videos of games at the event. If you don’t already, subscribe to them here. For the most part, it looks similar to what was at IAAPA, although as you see here below, Drakons: Realm Keepers had a regular giant TV instead of the square shaped microLED panels:

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I’m not one to ask for money, but since it was requested that there be a way to donate to Arcade Heroes on our Discord server, I’ve gone ahead and set up these links for Venmo and Paypal. Anything sent in will be greatly appreciated and will help keep the site going, as we do have some fairly expensive server costs to deal with (mainly because the site has been around for such a long time and posts go back almost two decades).




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