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KOF Versus Festival previews King of Fighters XIII

HeavyElectricity May 16, 2010 0

Earlier this month, a large Japanese King of Fighters tournament was held, taking in classics such as KOF2002UM and KOF98. However, the big point of attraction was a special preview tournament for the upcoming

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Kotaku, convenience and laser tag

HeavyElectricity May 16, 2010 7

With the continually growing popularity of home consoles, it’s often easy for the consumer gaming media to marginalise other types of gaming – be they tabletop games for the home or larger experiences, such

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Report from Street Fighter IV tournament @ Arcade UFO

HeavyElectricity February 27, 2010 2

At Arcade Heroes, we often say that there’s nothing like standing with another player and competing side by side, and arcade gaming is still the best way to do this. Technology has brought us

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Sega opens flagship arcade in Akihabara

HeavyElectricity February 19, 2010 5

Ah, Akihabara. How I have longed to visit this mythical location, in order to peer into the heart of Japanese arcade gaming (well, also to stage an homage to Densha Otoko, but that’s another

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SNK Neo Geo 20th anniversary T-shirt

HeavyElectricity February 16, 2010 1

If you’re familiar with Japanese video game merchandise, you might well have heard of the clothing company Mars16. They’ve been responsible for some very tasty Sega AGES 2500 tie-in stuff in the past, and lately

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Tekken 6 clone cabinet emerges from China

HeavyElectricity February 3, 2010 5

Have you ever played Tekken 6 in an arcade? I have, and my experience taught me two things: firstly my friend is better with the capoeira characters than me, and secondly the cabinet is

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Golden Tee Connect integrates with Facebook

HeavyElectricity February 2, 2010 3

Golden Tee is one of those games that is everywhere, with roughly 10,000 machines in operation worldwide ensuring that it remains a constant feature of the arcade scene. If you’re one of those who

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EAG 2010: Show report

HeavyElectricity January 30, 2010 3

It’s funny how some memories stick, isn’t it? I had only been to the ExCel Centre in London once before dropping in at the EAG show on Wednesday, for the consumer gaming event GameStars

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Arcade games at Pizza Oven West, Madison WI

HeavyElectricity January 25, 2010 5

Time for a confession. My name is HeavyElectricity, and I am addicted to pizza. Seriously, I can’t get enough of the stuff. If you were to cut me, I’d probably bleed tomato and mozzarella.

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Rassen products to launch at EAG 2010

HeavyElectricity January 23, 2010 2

With less than a week to go until the European Amusement and Gaming expo opens in London, we have received the news that Electrocoin Sales will be launching the products of the Korean company

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Insert Coin 2009 – UK public arcade expo launches!

HeavyElectricity February 10, 2009 0

It’s a great day for arcade gamers in the UK, as the Insert Coin 2009 expo has been announced! The show will run on July 18th and 19th at the Northampton Saints Conference CentreThe

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Exercise-based arcade opens in Rockford, IL

HeavyElectricity February 10, 2009 1

Video games often come under fire from health police for being a sedentary activity, most recently in a UK television advert for a government backed health campaign which caused a bit of controversy. However,

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