China’s WoW wannabe amusement park + Sega arcade characters in concert

arcadehero July 18, 2011 1

Newsfeed 1077 & 1079 via The Stinger Report

(Image via Shanghighiist)

It wasn’t long ago we heard news of a World of Warcraft Amusement Park opening it’s doors in China but when we first heard about the story it sounded like it would be something at least somewhat official. Turns out it wasn’t and it’s more of an inspired-by WoW/Starcraft park than anything else. It’s called World Joyland and I don’t know if any arcade games can be found there but it is China so I’m pretty sure you’ll come across an arcade parlor somewhere that has that unauthorized Plants Vs. Zombies arcade machine on hand, among other things. At least I imagine that building huge amusement parks is better than building huge ghost cities. More over at Technabob (which does get it wrong about being the first video game amusement park, overlooking things like the Dragon Quest amusement park in Japan or the many parks in Dubai that are video game related, like Sega’s Joyopolis)

Speaking of Sega, not long ago there was a concert where a character from Sega’s Project Diva Arcade (which also is a PSP game) was on-stage as a virtual singer (Hatsune Miku). Interesting out-of-home entertainment tech, perhaps we’ll see something like this in a jukebox…<MST3k voice>of the future!</mst3k voice>

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