News for the weekend: Steve Wiebe+Wreck-It Ralph, 3D Pac-Man, ArcadeCraft, Dirty Drivin Challenge

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News for the weekend: Steve Wiebe+Wreck-It Ralph, 3D Pac-Man, ArcadeCraft, Dirty Drivin Challenge

This coming Monday is a holiday in the US but if I come across any news I’ll still post it up. News has been a tad slow lately however so I’m not sure how much there might be beyond what I’ll get into right now over this weekend.

The links provided are newsfeeds 1253-55 via The Stinger Report

Steve Wiebe Playing For Fix-It Felix Record

As the upcoming movie Wreck-It Ralph is loosely based on Nintendo’s Donkey Kong, what better way to promote the movie than one of the most famous Donkey Kong players, Steve Wiebe? That’s just waht Mr. Wiebe did this afternoon at the Gameworks in Seattle, WA. While I haven’t found out how he did yet, here is a picture of him sitting at one of those elusive Fix-It Felix arcade machines that Disney has put out there(taken from his Facebook page).Whoever has the highest score on the game by tonight will get to see an advance screening of the film, which will get a general release on November 2nd. VentureBeat has more on the story.

The Pac-Man Room

Pac-Man has been played on a simple flat screen for far too long so how about making every wall in a room the monitor? That’s the idea that developer Keita Takahashi, who is known for his quirky games like Katamari Damacy and more recently Noby Noby Boy, had with his Pac-Man Room. Almost seems like a gyroscopic seat, almost ala the Sega R360 would be a decent fit for this  [Via UberGizmo]


I get requests all the time for advice on opening up an arcade. Perhaps I can refer people to this upcoming PC/XBLA virtual simulator called Arcadecraft. That way you can get an idea of how it is to run an 80s style arcade, without the monetary risk or dealing with bills and other paperwork that comes with a business. Apparently the game is taking a page on some of it’s features from games like Theme Park (which I actually started playing a little bit again on my Atari Jaguar, that game just never gets old for me) where you can adjust minute details like individual game pricing, like you would be able to in a real arcade although until now I had never thought of that as being a game in itself. Judging by the trailer here, it looks like fun, although game delivery in real life is about 1000 times slower than that 🙂 [Via Joystiq]

Dirty Drivin’ Challenge

Raw Thrills has started a promotion to get people out to play Dirty Drivin’ through September. According to the Facebook page setup for the game, here are the rules:

1) Record yourself playing the track – Brawleseum
2) Post a link to your video (make sure it includes your finishing time and Total Score)
3) Fastest time for September wins a prize
4) Highest Total Score at end of race for September wins a prize
5) One video chosen at random for September will win a prize
6) All videos must be submitted before Sunday September 30 9pm CST

Facebook page for the challenge can be found here.

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