Japanese Trailer for Namco’s New Bhutto Burst Kid Game

arcadehero January 12, 2013 1
Japanese Trailer for Namco’s New Bhutto Burst Kid Game

Some months ago Namco Bandai showed off some pictures of a new concept in what’s known as “kid vending” type games, something that are popular in Japan but not so much here out West. These games are typically simple but will vend data cards that can be re-used in the game to unlock characters or effects on a character. Recent examples would be games like Animal Kaiser or Hero of Robots, both of which were on display at the IAAPA 2012 trade show this past November. I admittedly didn’t take a really long look at those two games, it was more about getting a passing familiarity with them than anything else but if their new concept called Bhutto Burst was there, I think I would have take a longer look at it.

The reason why has to do with the way this game uses the data cards that it vends. The game is controlled by a light-gun (thus removing any chance you will find one at a Massachusetts Rest Stop arcade any time soon) that has three slots built-into it. These slots are where the player can put the cards. The cards will then change the in-game effects of the light-gun, which is a pretty cool idea I wouldn’t mind giving the title of innovative. Of course the chances of something like this showing up in the States does seem slim anyways but I suppose if Animal Kaiser moved enough units then perhaps they would see if Bhutto Burst would as well. Here is a 3D mock-up image of the gun:


Here is a new trailer released for the game that shows how it works and some footage of the game, which looks like numerous monster battle games that have come before it. Still, despite that often-used playground for the game, once again the arcade hardware advantage lets this become something more interesting.

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