Newsblend The Weekend: Cars UK Loctest; PureNovelty Launch; Namco Earnings + more

arcadehero May 10, 2013 3

Well it’s weekend time once again, I hope it goes well for all of you out there. Here’s some news stories that are starting to accumulate in the AH inbox so lets begin with…

Cars UK Loctest

The new Disney Cars arcade game by Raw Thrills is due to be released just about any time now, Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report stated that the final build of the software was at the DEAL show in Dubai a few weeks ago. If you are in or near Sheffield, UK and want to get a chance to check out then head over to the Hollywood Bowl that has a pair of cabinets. It’s unknown what software build this is using and whether they are linked although it would make sense for a location test with two units to have them linked. Thanks to Kieran May for the tip!


PureNovelty launches first product – The Pic N Mix

We don’t cover novelty or vending machines really but was asked to take a look at this one. By UK company PureNovelty, their first unit is called the Pic N Mix. As the name implies, it allows the user to pick from various candies and mix them together to their liking. They’ve patented their tech and have set up an agreement in the UK and Ireland with Candyking UK. Again the vending world isn’t our fortei but this looks like a sharp piece with a unique twist to draw some attention.  More info on it can be found here.


Namco Earnings Report

Via The Stinger Report(newsfeed 1304), a link to Namco’s latest corporate report card. From the looks of it, things are steady and positive for the company with arcades and amusement still proving to be a solid part of their business. It speaks for itself, you can see it here.

The Great Goat Polo Arcade Hoax

(The Stinger Report newsfeed 1305)

Remember the Soviet Museum of Arcade games? It’s a real place that collects arcade games gamers in the West have never heard of. It shows the feeble attempts to capture some of the arcade fever in the USSR during the time when the retro classics we know and love were writing headlines and gobbling quarters in free regions of the world. The games didn’t make it outside of those particular borders and so it left an easy opening for someone to pull a joke. Enter in Ulak-Tartysh, a game that was apparently being touted as a new find from those strange Soviet games as far back as in 2009. It’s something we overlooked completely here, until the jig was up.  You can read the confessional here @ Jalopik, where the hoaxster went to the length of creating a cabinet, dirty artwork and a game based upon a sport called Buzkashi (not necessarily the kind of thing on ESPN every other day). It was certainly a convincing piece of work so at least the creator didn’t let the joke reach the mythical status of Polybius. 😉


  1. editor May 11, 2013 at 3:43 am - Reply
  2. Arcades4ever May 11, 2013 at 5:21 am - Reply

    Think cars is a good game for kids and average players but not really for the true arcade and hardcore gamers, I found it pretty annoying when My car would turn round to me and say some quote and put me off my steering of the car and plus I never even got to go onto the next round even though I came first. After my first impression of playing the game this ones aimed at the children’s amusement arcade market.
    My verdict : good game for disney fans and younger gamers but there are better arcade games to choose from

    • batbot55 May 16, 2013 at 1:26 pm - Reply

      I think I found it fun to play. Even more funner with friends. Good game overall.

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