EightyTwo Opening Soon In Downtown LA

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EightyTwo Opening Soon In Downtown LA

On the heels of sad news of a location fully closing their doors in London, UK, on the other side of the world a new venue is prepping to open their doors.

Called EightyTwo (or 82), this new venue is looking to bring some classic arcade gaming and a bar to the Arts District area of Los Angeles, CA. I was able to get a press release from the company about it and it mentions that the venue will feature “over forty fully restored (and playable) arcade and pinball machines from the 1960s to the
1990s”, although aside from name dropping Space Invaders, Centipede and Street Fighter II the release doesn’t mention any other specific games. I did some browsing of their Facebook page, where they have a sizable following already, and it looks like their selection will include Tempest, TRON, Lunar Lander, Donkey Kong, Pac-Man Robotron 2084, and The Simpsons. The pinball connection to this venue is also interesting, with Molly Atkinson of Pins And Needles is joining 82 as the arcade manager and repair technician.

The email I received mentioned that the venue “should be ready to open in the next few weeks” so they will miss the end of February target that they had been recently hoping for. This is due to the bureaucratic process of inspections, permits, licenses, etc. Hopefully this all sorts out quickly and they can be open for business. We wish them the best of luck in the endeavor and if you find yourself anywhere near them, go and check 82 out!

[Main EightyTwo Website] [82 Facebook]

For those interested in the press release, here you go:
The Unique Bar and Classic Arcade is Slated to End of February  

Los Angeles is about to get one-upped….

Introducing EightyTwo, a unique new bar and classic arcade opening in Downtown
LA’s Arts District at the end of the month. With its prime location on the
corner of East Third Street and Alameda, EightyTwo will feature a full bar, a
large outdoor tree-covered patio, as well as a selection of over forty fully
restored (and playable) arcade and pinball machines from the 1960s to the
1990s. Paying homage to the gaming culture from decades past, EightyTwo will
celebrate The Golden Age of the Arcade.

Founded by native Angelenos and Downtown residents Scott Davids and Noah
Sutcliffe, EightyTwo will be a contemporary take on the classic arcade. Local
Sci-Arc Architect, Darin Johnstone, is working to transform the 1980s
storefront into a modern edifice that will showcase the arcade and pinball
games as playable objects of art. A minimalist, gallery-like interior will
juxtapose the colorful, retro aesthetic of the games. In the arcade room, gems
such as Space Invaders, Centipede, and Streetfighter II will be on display and
available for play, while the pinball area will contain a variety of machines
from the 1960s to the present. The bar’s two 2000 square foot rooms will be
connected by a shaded, 1700 square-foot outdoor patio.

Founder Scott Davids has assembled and personally restored EightyTwo’s
impressive arcade collection, while the pinball games have been sourced and
will be maintained by local LA Pinball fixture Molly Atkinson, founder of Pins
and Needles in Echo Park.  Molly will bring her passion for pinball culture as
EightyTwo’s arcade manager and resident repair technician.

In addition to gaming competitions, EightyTwo plans to host special events, art
shows, and will bring a varied and progressive music program to the area.

EightyTwo is located at 718 East Third Street, just steps from Würstkuche,
Angel City Brewery and newcomer Umami Burger, in the heart of Downtown LA’s
Arts District. Downtown’s newest opens its doors within the next few weeks.

For more information about EightyTwo, please visit www.eightytwola.com.



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