Wahlap Launches Teratoma The Last Rebellion Arcade Game For the West

arcadehero August 12, 2014 2

Back at IAAPA 2013, a lot of brand new arcade games were shown off that would find their ways into venues all over the world. Among the surge of new games included one that we did not get any video on, just a couple of photos including this one:



We received very little information on this one, only that it had a sci-fi theme and as you could tell from the pic, it uses mounted light-guns.

Well finally after several months, the China-based developer Wahlap has acknowledged the game on their website and while we don’t have a lot more info on the specifications of the game itself (number of levels, resolution of graphics, price) we do finally have some new media to show the game in action. It is listed on Wahlap’s site, along with Monster Eye 5D and Overtake so the only thing I am not sure of is which distributors are working with Wahlap. Betson had been working with them at one point, when they first appeared at IAAPA a couple of years ago and BMIGaming.com has a page for them although except for Overtake these new games are not yet listed on there.

Anyways, here is some video footage from the first boss fight for Teratoma via Youku. I’m not sure how to crank up the resolution with this player, it defaults to a low rez for me but looking past that it seems that graphically it looks nice. The voice acting seems to fit in with what we except from Chinese/Japanese light-gun games for a long time now; I’m not sure what the “Chaser” thing is that it mentions a few times, if that is a trophy or achievement system or something else.

(NOTE it might take it a moment for the video box to appear, depending upon the browser)

And here is a bullshot of the cabinet which has changed a bit since IAAPA.


[Wahlap English Site]


  1. PensacolaGeek42 August 12, 2014 at 3:22 pm - Reply

    I know it says light-guns, but this looks just like the Aliens Armageddon 42″ cabinet which uses pots. Where are the sensors?

    • arcadehero August 13, 2014 at 11:31 am - Reply

      As mentioned, we can’t be sure without more data. The term light-gun is used as it is much easier to explain than “pot-gun”/

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