UNIS To Showcase Galactic Force 6D Ride At IAAPA 2015

arcadehero November 10, 2015 0
UNIS To Showcase Galactic Force 6D Ride At IAAPA 2015

As I write this I am uploading my IAAPA Pre-Game show video and of course, this story covers something that I missed for that video (it is too large to have to re-do, so oh well 😛 )


At last year’s IAAPA, one hot item that wasn’t VR were multiplayer motion theaters (particularly for 8 players). A few months ago, Chinese manufacturer Universal Space unveiled a new “6D” motion theater concept they were working on called Galactic Force (as a note on 4D/5D/6D/7D – there is no standard definition for those, it is usually the manufacturer suggesting another major feature, so higher the number, the more features). They have now launched a special page to promote the new concept which you can visit here and they have announced that the game will be featured at their IAAPA 2015 booth. Here is the demo video showing the game that was posted 4 months ago:

Among the features that they list water emitters, wind blowers, a large curved screen, and mounted gun controllers (which look like the guns that were used on Sega’s Dream Raiders). Whether or not they will be designing more software for it is unknown at the moment. I will give this a shot next week at the IAAPA show and share my thoughts – what do you think of it based on what we know?

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