Daytona Championship USA 8-player Spotted In Florida

arcadehero April 17, 2017 1

The release of Daytona Championship USA is right around the corner although we haven’t heard much since an 8-unit appearance of the game at Amusement Expo in Dallas last month. The game was stated as being close to completion at the time but there was still fine tuning and other work to be done with location testing. Location tests are rarely announced and promoted in the West (unlike Japan) so this news should be of interest to Daytona fans in Florida.

8-player Daytona Championship USA Spotted At Dave & Busters in Hollywood, FL

That’s right, if you want to check out Sega’s revival of the Daytona USA series for yourself, then head over to the Dave & Busters location in Hollywood, FL. There is currently an 8-player setup there, presumably running the latest software and presumably on test since there has been no announcement for shipping yet. Of course, sometimes Dave & Busters does get their hands on things before anyone else so that could be the case here as well. If it is on test then I imagine that it depends on performance.

Many thanks to James for sending these our way. Click on them to enbiggerate them (I know, that’s not a real word 🙂 )

Daytona Championship USA at Dave & Busters

Daytona Championship USA at Dave & Busters

Daytona Championship USA at Dave & Busters

If you get a chance to try this out, let us know what you think below!

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