IAAPA 2017: Coastal Amusements Adding ‘Qubes’ To Their Videmption Arcade Series

arcadehero November 3, 2017 0
IAAPA 2017: Coastal Amusements Adding ‘Qubes’ To Their Videmption Arcade Series

You might recall from a while back that Raw Thrills was testing out a new version of Q*Bert for arcades but time has passed and we have not seen that title show up for a release. Coastal Amusements however is looking to bring something Q*Bert like to arcades as at this IAAPA 2017, they will have Qubes on hand to enjoy.

Qubes Arcade

As another App-To-Arcade port, Qubes (links: Apple App store/Android Play Store) by Ketchapp offers Q*Bert style graphics of isometric blocks thatQubes by Coastal Amusements you bounce on to change the color. Classic gamers will also note the use of word Qubes, which the obscurish Q*Bert sequel used.

There are some differences from Q*Bert of course – Qubes features fast-paced play where you do not move your ball around a playfield in all directions. The playfield is constantly scrolling upwards and the player just controls the direction that the ball is moving, trying to keep it from falling off the edge while collecting power-ups. It also lacks the characterization that Q*Bert had, just keeping the focus on the core play idea. The game controls using a single button (push to change your ball’s direction) and is operating on Coastal’s 65″ video redemption arcade machine. That means that operators who already have one of the five other Coastal Amusements games in the cabinet style shown to the right here (Breakout, Temple Run 2, The Balloon Game, Frog Around & Subway Surfers) can purchase a conversion kit to switch over.

Here’s a video of the iOS version in action:

Coastal Amusements has been big on the videmption game circuit for a while now. I first remember coming across them when they launched the Sea Wolf remake while last year, they released Atari Breakout at IAAPA 2016 and it seemed popular from what I saw there.

I’ll get to play this at IAAPA 2017 in a little over a week. What do you think about this latest app-to-arcade port?

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