Square Enix To Preview The Starwing Paradox At JAEPO 2018

arcadehero February 1, 2018 0

It’s February and that means about a week from now, we will begin to find out about some of the hot new games that are going to be coming to the Japanese market and possibly the West some time this year.

Announced today is a new “mecha battle game” by Square Enix called Starwing Paradox. Square Enix is promising 8v8 “high speed mecha action”, “high quality animation” and more in this game that sounds like quite the action-packed battle arena game. Character designs are being handled by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, famous for his work on a plethora of anime shows and manga.

The cabinet design is reminiscent of Taito’s older sit-down FPS games like Half-Life 2 Survivor and Cyber Diver, particularly in the way that the controls work (foot pedals and two uniquely shaped joysticks for controlling everything). This isn’t a surprise really since SE has owned Taito since 2006. What Starwing Paradox will add however is a motion base for that extra dimension of entertainment:

Starwing Paradox arcade cabinet by Square EnixHere’s a set of four but I am sure that a sixteen unit setup would be a nice sight to behold:

Square Enix is saying that the game will be at JAEPO 2018 next week and has a tentative launch date of Autumn 2018. There’s a chance that this is a game that Round1USA will bring over as they have brought over several other Taito/Square Enix games that haven’t seen general distribution in the states. What do you think about this one from the info so far?

[Official Starwing Paradox Website]

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