Newsbytes: Maximum Tune 6 Cabinet; Augmented Climbing; Jurassic World VR

arcadehero June 30, 2018 1

It’s a sorta holiday weekend, with the 4th of July happening in the middle of next week which makes things a little awkward. Either way, if you find yourself traveling, keep an eye out for an arcade! Here are your newsbytes for the weekend.

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 6 Cabinet

This popped up on the internet this week , giving us our first look at the upcoming WMMT cabinet. I’m placing the WMMT5 cab first so you can compare and see that it’s almost the exact same thing – changing mainly in the marquee. It will likely be a while before we see if there is a Western version but I would have to guess that it too will follow the pattern that 5 used here.

And for the upcoming WMMT6:

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 6 Asian style cabinet by Bandai Namco Amusements

The Augmented Climbing Wall

This video is over a year old but I think we had missed it until now. This shows additional versatility of Augmented or Mixed Reality, non-wearable tech in the out-of-home entertainment space. Granted, I don’t know of too many amusement locations that have climbing walls (perhaps an FEC here or there) although perhaps more locations would be happy to add one if it used this tech:

American Pinball Talks Houdini And Game #2

If you are wondering about code updates on American Pinball’s Houdini or what they might have in store for the next game, check out this podcast by Head2Head Pinball. They do discuss other pinball topics afterwards but for anyone looking for the latest on American, that’s the link to hit.

Playing Time Crisis 5 Boss Style

This is the kind of play that shows why we shouldn’t lose the skill based shooter. Sure, most gamers do not play (or even try to reach) at this level but this is one of those things that is part of the appeal of visiting an arcade where you find a skilled player. With TC5 this is especially impressive due to the dual pedal mechanisms on each player.

Dave & Busters Commercial For Jurassic World VR Expedition

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom is doing extremely well in theaters and out of the big films of the year so far, it’s the only title that has some direct connection to gaming experiences in the world of arcades. As such, Dave & Busters is keen to promote their VR game to the world with this 30 second commercial:

Remembering The Troc

We’ve mentioned the famous Trocadero in London a number of times in the past, focusing on the wonderland of arcade games inside. The Funland has been closed for a while now but Ted at his Sega blog has a fantastic trip down memory lane for anyone interested (photo below from our own archives with a rare showing of a twin Chase HQ2):

That’s all for now, we’ll let Sonic The Hedgehog sign us off:

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  1. Alfred July 2, 2018 at 12:19 pm - Reply

    I’ve really been enjoying the Maximum Tune series. It’s basically driving through traffic against a friend. I do that in real life, and just feel the same when I play the game.

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