Japanese Arcade News: Summer Location Tests & Releases

arcadehero July 17, 2018 0
Japanese Arcade News: Summer Location Tests & Releases

As we find ourselves nice and comfy in the middle of the Summer, it’s time to take a look over in Japan as to what their arcade business has been up to lately.

Location Tests

House Of The Dead Scarlet Dawn (Sega)

Let’s start with the test’s that everyone has been going crazy about, Sega’s highly anticipated return to shooting zombies. Light-gun enthusiast site TeamGun Powers posted some impressions and to summarize:

  • The game is “mildly difficult”, easier than Namco’s Dark Escape 4D
  • All four stages are present allowing the user to see the end.
  • You can select which stage you start from (something common in most light-gun games now but a first for HOTD I believe)
  • It is about 40 minutes long (as long as you don’t skip cutscenes). This puts it close to Halo but longer than any other HOTD installment, as far as I recall (they were generally 25-30 minutes). It is unknown if there are different routes that affect the length.
  • There is a Bronze/Silver/Gold trophy system and “House Of The Dead (HOD) Coins” to collect although it sounds like this is only available when using Sega’s Aime online card system. We have yet to hear if this will be implemented out West or if there will be some kind of adjustment.
  • Aime allows you greater flexibility in changing your weapons during the game
  • End of stage shows you your Score, Accuracy, Total Zombies Killed, Critical Hits and Events Cleared
  • Tarot returns

Jubeat Festo (Konami)

The latest version of Jubeat (known as uBeat out West) will begin testing this weekend:

Nostalgia Op. 2 (Konami)

Konami has a sequel to their piano playing Bemani game and from this report at Small Room Aries, it sounds like it is being well-received. A new “Recital” mode has been added, which appears to be the game’s focus. You are judged on your performance during the recital to receive a rank at the end of the song. You also choose which venue to play in, which can affect your fame depending upon how big the crowds are that you play for. I do not know if this was present in the first game but the crowds you are playing for are cats…something the Internet should like.

Gitadora Exchain (Konami)

Finally from Konami is the next Gitadora. They have announced that a test will happen but when and where were left out. One focus for this one is the addition of a beginner mode and some other improvements to help newcomers get into the game.

Starwing Paradox (Square Enix)

First shown at JAEPO 2018 this past Winter, Square Enix’s mech battle/motion simulator has gone under the radar until SE announced that the game will be showing up at two events, one this month and one at the end of August. Here is some video of the game in action in case you missed it.


Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 6 (Bandai Namco)

The 6th installment of Namco’s Maximum Tune series has launched, bringing a number of new cars to the roster including the coveted Porsche. The story mode also hearkens back to WMMT3DX+, offering 100 chapters instead of 5DX+ 40. Ghost battles have been improved and expanded upon, the number of cars that can be stored on your Banapassport card have been doubled and much more. Arcade Belgium has a great write-up on all of the details.

Fate Grand/Order Arcade (Sega)

I don’t expect to see this one get an official release out West but there’s always that chance for a limited release through Round1USA. This launches on July 26th so Sega has been busy hyping it up by promoting new characters, features and so on:

House Of The Dead will be headed to the States while the only other one that is likely to get a release (but is unconfirmed as of this moment) is Maximum Tune 6. We’ll keep you updated with the latest developments.

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