Newsbytes: Deadpool Pinball; New Virtual Rabbids; Mario Kart VR; Japan Location Tests & More

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Newsbytes: Deadpool Pinball; New Virtual Rabbids; Mario Kart VR; Japan Location Tests & More

Welcome to the weekend fellow arcade users. Here are your compiled Newsbytes to enjoy as we head into August.

Stern Pinball Teases Deadpool

The rumor mill had pegged Deadpool (the Marvel comic book character) as Stern’s next release and by this video teaser posted yesterday, it’s no longer a rumor. This only shows a bobble/bash toy with a humorous voice over, but knowing how Stern rolls these things out, we’ll see a slew of information hitting the web in the next day or two.

LAI Games Launching A Smaller Version Of Virtual Rabbids: The Big Ride

Briefly mentioned in a Replay Magazine newsletter the other day, LAI Games has listened to concerns from operators over the size and cost of their Virtual Rabbids: The Big Ride machine, and are in the process of producing new compact models. The “compact” edition is 36″ shorter than the standard model, the changes only made to the back marquee portion of the game (judging by this comparison below). That looks to be using a 32″ monitor instead of the 55″, and there is no Rabbids marquee. The release mentioned that the company is getting these onto cruise lines, but the LAI website does not show it yet, and I have not heard of distributors offering it for sale so far. That said, I imagine that will be rectified shortly.

Virtual Rabbids Compact designMario Kart VR Lands In The UK

You might recall that London has one of the few Bandai Namco operated VR ZONEs around. The London location has not enjoyed the same setup as VR ZONEs have in Japan, but this week that is starting to change as they added what is perhaps the most anticipated VR title to date – Mario Kart VR. Site friend Kevin Williams was there for the launch and while I have yet to hear his take on it, sites like Cnet are raving about it. It is fantastic content that technologies like VR will need to survive (and then thrive).

Step ManiaX Sells Out In A Few Minutes

We’ve been waiting to hear more information about Step Revolution’s new dance stage arcade game, Step ManiaX, and today quite a surprising bit of news hit the web about this title. Coming from game creator Kyle Ward on Facebook, the initial sales of the production run had the first batch of 100 units selling out within four minutes; the bulk of those sales happened within 90 seconds. I reached out to Kyle and it looks like these were not the coin-operated models, but there are a few which have already been sold to operators around the world. I’m trying to get more info on that, although I imagine that if you are really interested in getting a unit for your arcade, the shop for the game is found here.

If anything, this shows that there is high demand for a foot-controlled rhythm game…what do you think?

The CART Documentary Headed To An Arcade Near You?

A new documentary about the modern arcade is about to hit the road, and there is a chance that they’ll be dropping by an arcade near you. In the interests of disclosure, my arcade is on the list (Game Grid), and I will be interviewed for the project when they come through town. Follow them on Twitter if you are interested in finding out more.

Sega Begins Testing WCCF 2019 Footista In Japan

This bit of news hit the wires while I was out in Cali, but as you read this, Sega’s latest soccer arcade game is on test in Japan. The WCCF (World Club Champion Football) series has been around since 2002, and there was even a Western release for a couple of years over in the UK (as I recall, AH writer TwistedSupreme was a big fan of the game and played it regularly). There is no indication that this will see a Western release, but players in Japan will soon be able to enjoy it. There is no release date for it yet, but if you’re curious about this one, there is a translated location test report to read over at Game Watch.

Beatmania IIDX 26 Testing In Japan

Speaking of location tests, fans of Konami’s Beatmania should be pleased that the company is also testing out the latest version of Beatmania over this weekend. has a location test report to read over, in case you are interested; this is another one that I wouldn’t bet on seeing official distribution for, but places like Round1USA will likely import some cabinets.

SNK To Bring SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy To Arcades

This is almost becoming another Japanese loctest post 😛 If you are a fan of the ladies of SNK’s fighting games, and you live in Japan, then you’ll be pleased to hear that this weekend also saw the official location test for SNK’s upcoming fighter, SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy AC on Taito’s NESiCAxLIVe 2 digital distribution system. I feel a little bit of an Arcana Heart vibe from this one, mixed with SNK style flash and game mechanics. Being that this is on NESiCA, the chances of it seeing a Western release are rather low…unless SNK was to join up with Exa-Arcadia.

Taito Launches The Space Invaders Room

Continuing with their efforts to celebrate 40 years of Space Invaders, Taito has now designed a “pop-up” business that is all about their signature game. Called Space Invaders Room, the venue will open up next Thursday in Osaka, Japan, and operate through January 27th, 2019. Various Space Invaders activities will be on hand to enjoy, including Space Invaders Gigamax, a Space Invaders climbing wall, a Space Invaders VR experience involving disco, SI merchandise to enjoy and more. You can check out the official site promoting the room here.

That’s all for now – have a fun and safe weekend, and be sure to go out and play some arcades!


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